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CE/ISO Approved Medical Automatic Dental X-ray Film Processor (MT01002501)

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CE/ISO Approved Medical Automatic Dental X-Ray Film Processor (MT01002501)

1.Open-room operation,small volume,low noise,simple operation,safe,fast,and durable.
2.Classified as Wall M counted Type and Desk Top Type,and the former can save planar space(Standard configuration).The latter is movable.One place of film enters per 30 seconds for muti-film developing disposable,and this may be intergrally adjusted in accordance with the exposure conditions of x-ray machine.
3.Multiple film of 2x3,3x4 and 2.7x5.4cm may be applicable for the treatment of development.

Product Characteristic:
* Produce technology: The out casing are made of plastics mould. It's very strong, durable and
* Equipment Figure: New designed small body and taking films very expediently due films turn
* Install & Adjustment: Occupy small ground, install very freely, fit any dark room and put it on
The table directly.
* Film-Sending Frame: Safe Film-Sending systems come from one whole design, no films jamming
Or scratch.
* High-Effect Drying: New wind route technical can blow all little water spot on the films. At the
High net surrounding, can get distinct clear cut films.
* Film-sending Board With Cover: Light and close film-sending cover board, operator may open
Lamp and leave after enter films. This design make work easily and improve work effect.
* Critical Parts: The rollers' material can resist high-temperate and crystallization. No change
Shape and swell for using long time.
* Circuit Control: Microprocessor controls heating, automatic check and touch films, replenishing
* Energy-Saving: It can save energy for max limit.



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