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What are the inspection methods for the quality of disposable masks?

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What are the inspection methods for the quality of disposable masks?

If the heat or saliva of a disposable mask is soaked, the effect of isolating bacteria will be greatly reduced. Generally speaking, we should prepare more masks to replace them. Don't wear a face mask. Fold it up and put it in a clean envelope. The side near the nose and mouth should be folded inward. When not in use, be careful not to put it in your pocket or hang it around your neck.

There are four steps to inspecting disposable masks. It is important to master the correct quality inspection of masks. First of all, we should check the color and flatness of the mask, and check the light transmittance, and then we give it a try, mainly the material sense. If it is too hard or rough, it will be uncomfortable to wear. When buying a mask, you can smell it to see if there is any peculiar smell. If there is a peculiar smell, it is best not to use this mask.

Wash hands before, after, and after; face and face: The mask is brightly colored, with the metal surface facing up. Tighten the wire, or use a rubber band around the ear to bring it close to the face. The mask should completely cover the mouth, nose, and chin. Press the metal strips along the sides of the bridge of the nose to bring the mask close to the face.

Before use, please check carefully whether the mask and the mask are in good condition. If it is a gauze mask and a mask, you can use the light transmission method, that is, look at whether there are obvious light spots in front of the lamp, and whether the light transmittance of the core part is consistent with the light transmittance of the lampshade. Edge. If in doubt, you have to replace it. In any case, the mask and the mask should be updated after 3-7 times of cleaning, especially the good mask can be cleaned 10 times.

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