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At present, the company's products include: indoor display, outdoor display, indoor and outdoor LED high-definition advertising large screen, LED rental screen, tailor-made various special-shaped LED indoor and outdoor full-color display products, etc.

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We tailor a variety of LED indoor and outdoor full-color display products for customers from all walks of life
Advanced Wound Dressings and traditional gauze

A wound dressing is a dressing used to cover a sore, wound, or other damage. Today, disposable surgical dressing has been revolutionized from the early days, and a wide range of dressings with different properties are available to clinical caregivers. Here is the content:What is new about modern dre

Characteristics and use of elastic bandages

Disposable surgical dressing, a wound dressing, is a material used to cover a sore, wound, or other damage. The types of wound dressings are passive dressings, interactive dressings, and bioactive dressings. When dressings are used, we need to use elastic bandages. Let's take a look at the introduct

Treating wounds with gauze product

Gauze product is one of disposable surgical dressing. It hurts to change the Gauze product! This is often the unanimous voice of many patients. The gauze product sticks tightly to the wound, and the moment the gauze is removed by force, the patient's tears come to the surface. But in fact, the corre


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