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  • Introduction of Sterile Syringes

    PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Sterile Syringes for single use has a long history of production and use at home, it is used in clinic more than ever before because of its convenience, safety and reliability. It has two kinds of type, e.g. head-centered and head-leaned according to the position of prick head,

  • Introduction of Endotracheal tube

    Product Description2.1 Intended UseThe single use endotracheal tube(referred to as " endotracheal tube"), mainly for patients require long term or repeated anesthesia, artificial ventilation and assisted breathing. The product is made of PVC material, which is more excellent in resistance of flexur

  • Information about the Blood Lancet

    [Product brief introduction]:The product is a closed system consisting of blood collection needle, tube, transfusion connector and bag body, sterile, nontoxic, non-pyrogen. This product contains maintenance solution CPDA-1, which is suitable for collecting the whole blood and the clinical transfusio

  • Sterile Surgical Blades' structure, purpose, and position

    With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, medical technology has also continued to develop. Just like a scalpel from wood to stone, to now Sterile Surgical Blades. Science and technology can bring development to medicine, and medicine should also make good use of science and technology to make progress, bring convenience to medical care, and bring health to patients. In a variety of clinical surgical operations, surgical blades are one the essential surgical instruments. With the development of medical science, aseptic packaging Sterile Surgical Blade will gradually replace ordinary packaging surgical blades. Next, let's take a look at the structure and use of Sterile Surgical Blades and the position of the knife.

  • Basic structure and usage of Disposable Respiration Product

    A disposable Respiration Product is a medical device that is inserted into a patient's trachea or bronchi to create a temporary artificial breathing passage for patients, especially patients who cannot breathe on their own. Mainly made of non-toxic PVC, used in hospitals and clinics. Next, let's take a look at the basic structure and usage of Disposable Respiration Product.

  • How to use Digital Blood Pressure exactly?

    With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's health awareness, the "Digital Blood Pressure Series", as a daily body detection instrument, has been widely used in hospitals and families with its advantages of convenience, speed, and simple operation. Then the problem comes, because many of them are non-professionals who operate at home, the wrong measurement method will lead to the measured blood pressure value is not realistic, not only having no reference value but also delaying the treatment. "How to ensure the accuracy of measurement?" Today, let's take a look at some relevant knowledge about using Digital Blood Pressure Series accurately!

  • Information about Disposable Vaginal speculum

    ​A large hospital needs to continuously purchase medical equipment every time or expand, among which Disposable Vaginal speculum is very important, so these hospitals will buy Disposable Vaginal speculum in large quantities. Next, let's take a look at the information about the Disposable Vaginal speculum

  • Information about Operating Table

    The Operating Table include Manual Operating Table and Electrical Operating Table. One type of Electrical Operating Table is powered by electro-hydraulic, and the main control structure is composed of a control switch, speed control valve, and solenoid valve, which provides a hydraulic power source through an electro-hydraulic gear pump and controls the reciprocating motion of each bidirectional hydraulic cylinder, and controls the Operating Table to change various positions through the handle button, such as lifting, tilting left and right, tilting front and back, waist and back lifting, moving and fixing, etc. The functions such as lifting, tilting, back and forth, lumbar back lifting, moving and fixing, etc., make it meet the requirements of surgical operation. Next, let's take a look at the information about the Operating Table.

  • Principles and types of Oxygen Concentrators

    The Oxygen Concentrator, commonly known as the Variable Pressure Adsorption (VPA) Oxygen Concentrator, uses VPA technology to produce oxygen, which can be extracted from the air. The Oxygen Concentrator is filled with molecular sieves with a surface area of 800-1000 m2/g per gram.

  • Common repair methods for Ventilator

    If a Ventilator malfunctions, it can hurt the patient. As a healthcare professional, you should ensure that you are using the Ventilator in a strict, rational, and standardized manner during the treatment of patients and that you can determine whether the Ventilator is malfunctioning based on its operation.

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