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  • Wrapping method of first aid bandage
    First aid bandages have different specifications and can be used for bandaging different parts of the body, such as fingers, wrists, and upper and lower limbs. The ordinary bandage is good for the absorption of wound exudate, and a high elastic bandage is suitable for the bandage of joint part injur
  • Treating wounds with gauze product
    Gauze product is one of disposable surgical dressing. It hurts to change the Gauze product! This is often the unanimous voice of many patients. The gauze product sticks tightly to the wound, and the moment the gauze is removed by force, the patient's tears come to the surface. But in fact, the corre
  • The Introduction to self-adhesive bandage
    The main component of the self-adhesive bandage is cotton or Non-woven, used for surgical injuries, sprains, post-surgical bandaging, fixation, and other roles. A self-adhesive bandage, if used correctly, can not only help the wound heal but also avoid infection or other injuries to the wound.Here i
  • Plaster of Paris and Orthopedic Bandages
    Fractures are a common clinical condition that requires surgical treatment once they have displaced significantly. If the fracture is not significantly displaced, conservative fixation can be used, and both orthopedic bandages and plaster of Paris are commonly used in using disposable surgical dress
  • Characteristics and use of elastic bandages
    Disposable surgical dressing, a wound dressing, is a material used to cover a sore, wound, or other damage. The types of wound dressings are passive dressings, interactive dressings, and bioactive dressings. When dressings are used, we need to use elastic bandages. Let's take a look at the introduct
  • Advanced Wound Dressings and traditional gauze
    A wound dressing is a dressing used to cover a sore, wound, or other damage. Today, disposable surgical dressing has been revolutionized from the early days, and a wide range of dressings with different properties are available to clinical caregivers. Here is the content:What is new about modern dre
  • How Urine Analyzer work
    Urine analyzers are Laboratory Devices used to determine certain chemical constituents in urine. They are an important tool for automated urine inspection in medical laboratories and have the advantage of simple and fast operation. The urine Analyzer collects and analyzes the color information of va
  • Product introduction of Sterile Syringes
    PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Sterile Syringes for single use has a long history of production and use at home, it is used in clinic more than ever before because of its convenience, safety and reliability. It has two kinds of type, e.g. head-centered and head-leaned according to the position of prick head,
  • Hematology Analyzer (CBC) analysis instrument detection method
    A Hematology Analyzer (CBC) analyzer, also known as a Hematology Analyzer (CBC) cell analyzer, hemocytometer, blood cell counter, etc., is one of the most widely used instruments in hospital clinical testing Laboratory Devices. With the rapid development of computer technology in recent years, the t
  • Product introduction of Blood Bags
    [Product name]: Plastic Blood Bag for Single Use[Product brief introduction]: The product is a closed system consisting of blood collection needle, tube, transfusion connector and bag body, sterile, nontoxic, non-pyrogen. This product contains maintenance solution CPDA-1, which is suitable for colle
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