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CE/ISO Approved Disposable Medical Stomach Tube (MT58033001)

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  • Mt58033001

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CE/ISO Approved Disposable Medical Stomach Tube (MT58033001)

CE/ISO Approved Disposable Medical Stomach Tube (MT58033001)

1.Made of non toxic PVC, medical grade
2.Transparent or with X ray
3.Supplied sterile in induvidual peelable polybag or blister pack
4.Sterile, sterilized by ethylene oxide gas
5. Use: for medical and first aid
6.Certificate: CE and ISO certificate
7.A Stomach tube is a drainage tube used to provide nutrition
8.Stomach tube is applied for patients who cannot obtain nutrition by mouth, are unable to swallow safely, or need nutritional supplementation
CE/ISO Approved Disposable Medical Stomach Tube (MT58033001)

Cat.No. Specification & Length
MT58033001 stomach tube,F5,40cm,C type connector
MT58033002 stomach tube F6,40cm,C type connector
MT58033003 stomach tube F8,40cm,C type connector
MT58033004 stomach tube F10,120cm,C type connector
MT58033005 stomach tube F12,120cm,C type connector
MT58033006 stomach tube F14,120cm,C type connector
MT58033007 stomach tube F16,120cm,C type connector
MT58033008 stomach tube F18,120cm,C type connector
MT58033009 stomach tube F20,125cm,C type connector
MT58033010 stomach tube F22,125cm,C type connector
MT58033021 F5,40cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033022 F6,40cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033023 F8,40cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033024 F10,120cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033025 F12,120cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033026 F14,120cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033027 F16,120cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033028 F18,120cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033029 F20,125cm,with x-ray line,C type connector
MT58033030 F22,125cm,with x-ray line,C type connector

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