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CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Cheap Medical Portable Pocket Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler (MT01007003)

  • Fetal Doppler

  • Patient/Fetal/Maternal Monitor

  • CE, ISO13485

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  • Fetal Doppler

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CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Cheap Medical Portable Pocket Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler(MT01007003)

1.LCD can display FHR,synchronous FHR flicker signal,battery capacity indicator,volume and abnormal alarm signal etc.
2.Bulit-in rechargeable battery.Moderm inside can dial up and transmit the fetal heart beat signal to the tele-monitor center through a telephone line;
3.The dial functions
4.Automatic power off(one minute) and alarm function for abnormal heart rate;
5.Collocated with gallus and portable bag, easy to carry;
6.Normative collocation:2.0MHz probe,5.0MHz probe to detect umbilical blood flow(for option).

Technology File:
1.Pocket MT01007003,FHR LCD display,synchronous FHR flicker signal,battery volume,fetal sound volume and abnormal fetal heart rate alarm signal; rechargeable battery can work continously more than 5 hours.
2.Unit weight only 300g,with earphone,belt and bag,conveniently to carry.
3.Modern inside,can dial-up directly,can transmit the FHR signal to the monitor centre;
4.Standard collocation:2.0MHz,5.0MHz umbilicus blood flow probe for option.
5.Has on/off music function and out of range of FHR alarm function.
6.Turn off automatically function(one minute),have sound clue to turn off function when in dormancy estate;7.Self-detect function.


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