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CE/ISO Approved Medical High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit (MT02004051)

  • High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit

  • CE, ISO13485

  • All The People

  • With LCD Display

  • Air

  • Semi Open Suction

CE/ISO Approved Medical High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit (MT02004051)

Range of Use:
May use to various surgical operations of cutting or/and coagulation to organism tissue.

Working Modes:
Pure cut, Blend 1,Blend 2, Desiccate, Fulgurate, Spray and Bipolar.

High frequency electrosurgical units has been designed adopted numerical technology and microcomputer.It can be suited various surgical operations.The series adopted compensation technology automatically for output.It makes output to suit the demand at different resistances automatically by microcomputer and have auto-shift function between monopolar and bipolar.The series of units adopted double-circuit monitor technology timely in surgical operation on safety syetem of netural electrode(Should use double-circuit electrodes)The series units can suit to the demands of operations of peritonoscope,uterocope,cystoscope and resetoscope.

Working ModesPure cut or cut5 ~ 300W(may provide type 5 ~ 400W)
Blend 15 ~ 240W
Blend 25 ~ 200W
Blend 3-
Desiccate5 ~ 200W
Fulgurate or Coag.5 ~ 150W
Spray5 ~ 100W
Bipolar2 ~ 70W
AccessoriesActive Electrode5
Neutral Electrode1
Bipolar Electrode1
Disposable ElectrodePick out and buy
Transport DataPackage Dimensions51× 29× 48cm
Gross Weight13kg
Technical DataVoltage220V ± 22V, 50Hz/60Hz
Working Frequency512kHz ± 5%
Variety of Equipmentclass 1, type CF. Ordinary Equipment
Working FashionLoading intermittently, Functioning continuously.
Leskage Currents To GroundLess than 0.5mA
Leskage Currents Through PatientLess than 0.01mA



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