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CE/ISO Approved Medical Special Electromagnetic Therapeutic Apparatus (MT03010012)

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CE/ISO Approved Medical Special Electromagnetic Therapeutic Apparatus(MT03010012)

Reference Table for Clinical Application:
It has been scientifically demonstrated to have physical therapy function such as closely parenchyma damnification,onitis,pelvic infection,strain of Lumbar muscles,rheumatic arthritis,wound iffection,diarrhea.

Working Principle:
The key part of the therapeutic appartus is the treatment plate consisting of more than thirties chemical elements essential to the living things.It is sintered compositely by way of speical technical skill.At the same time the elements of the plate can release a kind of electromagnetic wave,that has different wavelength&different energy by electronically energy converting to heating energy,The range of wavelength(2-25U)&the range of stength(28-35mw/cm2)is identical with the composite electromagnetic wave released form human bodty.So the electromagnetic wave is easy to absorbed &stored by high information numerator of nucleotide and under a certain condition can be absorbed by human body through inner organs. This kind of being absorbed electromagnetic wave can promote human body's UN-stable structure(such as died cells&pathological change's dimeric etc.).Disintegrate and streng then human body's self adjusting mach-made&immunity make the patient recovered rapidly.The healthy persons build up their resistance to many kinds of disease.

Techinical Parameters:
Spectrum range:2-25U(micron)
Power Cordition:AC220V/50Hz,(60Hz 110V is accepted according to the customer's demand)
Timer:0-60 min
Temperature of Treatment plate:≥280°c
Diameter of Treatment plate:124mm,166mm
Temperature of working place:5-40°c
Humidity of working place:≤80%
The time of validity of radiating plate:1000Hr


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