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CE/ISO Approved Ultrasound Diagnostic System (MT01006013)

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CE/ISO Approved Ultrasound Diagnostic System (MT01006013)

MT01006308 bases on digital beamformer, with dynamic focus and changeable aperture technology. It applies parallel digital signal processing technology and large scale IC processing technology. Those ensure the high quality of space solution and contrast solution, and provide better images from near gain to far gain

Digital signal process
Digital beamformer+dynamic focus and changeable aperture technology
Digital parallel signal processing technology+large scale IC processing framework
High quality space resolution+contrast resolution, provide best images from near gain to far gain
With the function of second harmonic image, could improve tissue resolution wholly

Auomatic frequency adjustment
Frequency autmotically adjust to the scanning depth
Frequency automatically adapts to the scanning depth
Frequency scope visualized and adjustable
Probe characteristic: Exceed wide frequency band (1.5-18MHz), multi-frequency
Probe types: Convex, linear, annular sector, pencil
Probe application: Multi-frequency, multi-technology (M. M. T)
Probe MC (2-5MHz, 30-90): Cardiology
Probe CV (2-5MHz, 45-60): Abdomen
Probe LVS (4-12MHz, 38mm): Perivascular
Probe VMC (4-9MHz, 111-140): GYN

Transcranial, piercing shelf and surgery doppler blood probe
Digital applying plateform
Digital spectrum Doppler technology
Digital high-frame processing technology
Large capacity cine loop
Complete measurement software kits(abdomen, blood vessel, cardiology, GYN, paediatric, urology, etc. )

Used for adults and children's perivascular, small parts (galactophore, eyeballs, esophagus, muscle, etc. ) for cardiology, abdomen, GYN, urology, pediatrics, endocrinology, etc.
Image mode
2D, M mode, pulse PW/continous CW/high PRF, color CFM/Energy image CPD
Display mode
Single, dual, quad
Fetal 3D reconstruction software
Apply to common abdomen probes
Easy 3D achievement
Instantaneous multiple plane 3D reconstruction (MPR)
Image can be saved as files of JPG, BMP, GIF etc.
Simple and friendly interface
Natural, directly and concrete keyboard operating
Easy operation, high efficiency
Apply to surgery, bed checking and piercing etc.
Well interface immunity
It can work along with equipments like stone beaker, knub ultrasound diagnosis etc.

USB link
Digital transfer of images and report test files to personal computer through USB cable without any special software
DICOM 3.0 compatibility
Complete PACS solution
Easy print
Direct output to inkjet printer without personal computer or any additional software

Standard Unit:
Main unit
2.5 / 3.5/ 5.0MHz convex variable array probe
4.0-12.0MHz high-frequency linear probe
6.0-7.5MHz multi-frequency vaginal probe
17 inches color monitor
B ultrasound image work station
HP Deskjet D4168 printer

2.0-5.0 MHz heart probe
Rectal probe
128 frame cine memory
Image recorder
B ultrasound image work station and etc.


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