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Ce/ISO Approved Medical Hydrocolloid Dressing (With thin border) (MT59397011)

  • CE

  • Hydrocolloid Dressing

  • Mt59397001

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  • Jiangsu China(Mainland)

CE/ISO Approved Medical Hydrocolloid Dressing (With thin border) (MT59397011)

1. There is semi-permeable matte polyurethane or polyurethane foam to enhance the absorbency.
 Film thickness: 0.025-0.035mm
2. When the thickness of hydrocolloid dressing is 0.4mm thick:
 Moisture permeability  0.34g/10 cm2/24h/37~C, 1.06g/10 cm2/72h/37~C
 Hygroscopic ability   2.40g/10 cm2/24h/37~C, 2.46g/10 cm2/72h/37~C
  Hygroscopic capacity 2.74g/10 cm2/24h/37~C, 3.52g/10 cm2/72h/37~C (only for reference)
3. Hygroscopic capability: 2.83g/g/24h/37~C, 3.23g/g/72h/37~C   (only for reference)
4. PH 5.7 Acid &Alkali Resistance PH 3-12.
5. Hygroscopic capacity and hygroscopic capability can be adjusted according to clinical needs.

Product Performance:
1. Excellent exudates absorption capability.
2. Keep the wound in a moist environment, promote wound healing, effectively release pains and reduce wound care frequency.
3. Water-proof, protectthe wound from microbial invasion.
4. Excellent elasticith and self-adhesive, convenient and comfortable to wear.
5. Please change the dressing when it turns white.
6. Easy to peel off, no adherence to wound, so effectively reduce the potential damage and pains.
7. Available in different sizes and shapes to meet the clinical needs.

MT593970118cm x 12cm
MT5939701215cm x 18cm
MT5939701315cm x 18cm



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