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Ce/ISO Approved Medical Splint, Fiberglass (MT59365001)

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CE/ISO Approved Medical Splint (MT59365001)

1.  Lighter: They are adopted by lighter texture fabric and net structure, and their weights are reduction of 30%-40%. The patient win feel very comfortable
2.   Better plasticity: The materials used have good ductile strength. They can be fit closely to irregular body parts and have no folds. This avoids the loss of restoration and second dislocation after restoration in the shaping
3.  Better air permeability: With the porous net structure, it makes this product ventilate better and let skins breathe freely
4.  Better X-ray radiolucency: Under the normal circumstances,the photograph taken is very clear. The tube voltage is obviously lower and the time taken is shorter to greatly reduce the X-ray radiation to body
5.  More Eco- friendly: The wastes can be burning up and eco-friendly to avoid environmental pollution
6.  Easier to remove: We develop matched removing tool as below which is small noise, light,easier to remove and no potential risk

The Usage For Splint
1.  Splint Roll is cut as per need, and the end of cut should be sealed with clip
2.  Immerse the casting tape in the water temperature of 25-30ºC for 30 seconds and squeeze it 5-8 times. After soakage, squeeze excess water
3.  Be fit closely to part needed to firm with  the thicker side of padding cloth .wrap with gauze bandage to firm and shape
4.  It begins to curing after 3 minutes and reaches function strength after 30 minutes .

1.  Please open one package every time and use it immediately;
2.  if it is leakage or hardened, please do not use it.
3.  It should be stored in the place of 15-30ºC temperature, less than RH60% humidity and ventilation.

Splint ,Fiberglass

MT593650017.5cm x 30cm
MT593650027.5cm x 90cm
MT5936501110cm x 40cm
MT5936501210cm x 50cm
MT5936501310cm x 76cm
MT5936502112.5cm x 50cm
MT5936502212.5cm x 76cm
MT5936502312.5cm x 115cm
MT5936503115cm x 76cm
MT5936503215cm x 115cm
MT593651017.5cm x 30cm
MT593651027.5cm x 90cm
MT5936511110cm x 40cm
MT5936511210cm x 50cm
MT5936511310cm x 76cm
MT5936512112.5cm x 50cm
MT5936512212.5cm x 76cm
MT5936512312.5cm x 115cm
MT5936513115cm x 76cm
MT5936513215cm x 115cm



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