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Ce/ISO Approved Medical Wound Dressing, Transparent (MT59396201)

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  • Mt59396002
  • Ce/ISO
  • Jiangsu,China(Mainland)

Ce/ISO Approved Medical Wound Dressing ,Non-Woven Fabric (MT59396201)

Steriled self-adhesive Island dressing is made of nonwoven fabric or highly permeable polyurethane film coated with medical acrylic adhesive, and fabric pad. The dressing can creat a occlusive enviroment for the wound and it is absorbent and permeable.

1. Materials: water repellent spunlace non-woven fabric, spunlace
  non-woven fabric, water-proof spunlace non-woven fabric
  (45-50g/m2) , and highly permeable PU film (20-40g/m2).
2. The occlusive environment can prevent bacterial invasion
    and accelerate the wound healing
3. Special hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive: 30-50g/m2, good initial,
   continuous and repeated viscos ty, mild peeling strength; no
   roll up, no drop off against water
 4. Advanced coating techniques, excellent permeable, hypoallergenic.
 5. Highly absorbent and non-adherent pad. It is easy to peel off and avoid secondary hurt.
 6. Waterproof non-woven dressing and PU film dressing are waterproof. It's covenient for
    patients to take shower.
 7. Humanized designed, Available in different shapes and sizes.

Care for all kinds of wounds, such as: postoperative wounds, acute and chronic wounds, small cut wounds and bruise wounds.

MT593962017cm x 10cm
MT5939620210cm x 12cm
MT5939620310cm x 15cm
MT5939620410cm x 20cm
MT5939620510cm x 25cm
MT5939620610cm x 30cm
MT5939620710cm x 35cm
MT5939620815cm x 15cm
MT5939620915cm x 20cm
MT593962108.8cm x 8.8cm
MT5939621111cm x 10cm
MT593962126cm x 7cm
MT593962139cm x 15cm
MT5939621415cm x 15cm
MT593962158cm x 10cm
MT5939621610cm x 12cm
MT5939621710cm x 20cm
MT5939621810cm x 25cm


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