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Disposable Adult Slicone Resuscitator

  • (MT58028501)
  • Resuscitator
  • Medtrue
  • Mt58028501
  • Jiangsu China (Mainland)
  • Natural Colour

CE/ISO Approved Medical Disposable Adult Slicone Resuscitator (MT58028501)

1.Made from Silicone
2.Patent S-strap attached
3.Size available in Adult, Child and Infant

Product Information
1. ShineBall Resuscitator is designed to provide effective breathing assistance.
2. Ergonomically designed provides better performance.
3. All ENT series Resuscitator are suitable for routine use in hospitals, such as patient transfer between departments   or as a back-up to ventilators and anesthesia machines.
4. All connections meet ISO, CE standards.

MT58028501Slicone Resuscitator,Adult       A Valve Natural Colour PP box
MT58028502Slicone Resuscitator,Pediatric  A Valve  Natural  Colour PP box
MT58028503Slicone Resuscitator,Infant      A Valve  Natural  Colour PP box
MT58028504Slicone Resuscitator,Adult       B Valve  Natural  Colour PP box
MT58028505Slicone Resuscitator,Pediatric  B Valve  Natural  Colour PP box
MT58028506Slicone Resuscitator, Infant     B Valve  Natural  Colour PP box
MT58028501-01Slicone Resuscitator,Adult        A Valve  Natural  Colour Paper box
MT58028502-01Slicone Resuscitator, Pediatric  A Valve  Natural  Colour Paper box
MT58028503-01Slicone Resuscitator, Infant      A Valve  Natural  Colour Paper box
MT58028504-01Slicone Resuscitator,Adult        B Valve  Natural  Colour Paper box
MT58028505-01Slicone Resuscitator,Pediatric   B Valve  Natural  Colour Paper box
MT58028506-01Slicone Resuscitator,Infant       B Valve  Natural  Colour Paper box



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