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High Quality Disposable Surgical Suture with CE&ISO Certification (MT580K0714)

  • CE, ISO13485
  • Medtrue
  • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Nylon Monofilament Surgical Suture with Needle
  • Medical Adhesive & Suture Material
  • Disposable

High Quality Disposable Surgical Suture with CE&ISO Certification (MT580K0714)

Extruded to provide a strong uniform strand.
Smooth surface will not support bacterial growth,
Good handling and pliability characteristics permit easy, secure knotting:
For minimal tissue reaction.
Provides prolonged tensile strength retention in tissue.

Colour:Blue and black

Gauge sizes11/0 to 2# (USP).

Storage methods:
Store between 25 C -30C and store in dry place.
Don't use damaged packages.

Sterilization methods:Gamma radiation.

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Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 6/0,75CMMT580K0706
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 5/0,75CMMT580K0707
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 4/0,75CMMT580K0708
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 3/0,75CMMT580K0709
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 2/0,75CMMT580K0710
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 0#,75CMMT580K0711
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 1#,75CMMT580K0712
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 2#,75CMMT580K0713
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 3#,75CMMT580K0714
Nylon Monofilament  With Needle 4#,75CMMT580K0715



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