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Lightweight Disposable Inspection Medical Fully Enclosed Isolation Goggle (MT59523201)


Product Name

Medical Isolation Goggle

Product type

Type A - fully enclosed

Product scope of application

It is used in medical institutions to prevent body fluid, blood splashing or splashing during inspection and treatment.

Main structure composition

It consists of protective cover, foam strip and fixing device made of macromolecule material. Non sterile, disposable.

Main performance

This product is splash proof, wind and sand proof, impact proof, high light transmittance, light and comfortable.

Usage method

1. Read the instructions carefully before use

2. Users of this product should have received special training. Please select appropriate specifications when using.

3. When in use, take it out of the packaging bag.

4. The elastic band are sleeved on the forehead, and their length can be adjusted according to their proper degree of tightness.

5. After use, take off the medical isolation mask and throw it into the medical dirt collection bag.

6. After use, the product shall be treated according to the requirements of <the measures for the management of medical waste in medical and health institutions>.





1. Before use, check whether the package is intact, and confirm the outer package mark, production date and expiration date

2. Use with caution if the package is damaged

3. This product is disposable. It is strictly prohibited to reuse it after cleaning

4. When the product exceeds the validity period, it shall be stopped using immediately

5. After use, the products shall be destroyed or disposed according to the requirements specified by the hospital

Storage and transportation

Storage: in a well ventilated room without corrosive substances

Transportation: products with intact packaging can be transported by normal means. They should be handled with care during transportation to avoid direct sunlight, severe collision, rain and gravity extrusion

Technical And Functional Features

1. 180° large window provide better visual field

2. Glasses can be worn at the same time

3. Indirect vent design to prevent fogging and increase wearing comfort

4. Valid timeThree years from production date


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