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Medical Hands Protective Lead Gloves (MT01003G20)

  • Intervenient Radiation Protective Gloves
  • Medtrue
  • Mt01003G20
  • 0.35mmpb
  • Available
  • CE&ISO13485

CE/ISO Approved Medical Hands Protective Lead Gloves (MT01003G20)

The protective gloves and mitten are mainly used by the operators to guard against the rays during their operation.

The medical X-ray protective glove and mitten are processed by rubber. The lead equivalent is: 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb. The protective glove and mitten are mainly used by the operators to guard against the rays during their operation. The customers can choose these protective gloves and mittens of different specifications according to their own needs.

1.Application of the Product
It is used in the interventional radiological diagnoses and treatment, the diaplasis of fracture, taking out the foreign matters, the taxis of the indigitation, and near-operating-table operation, etc.

It is mainly used to the protection to the hands of the radiation operators.

The average attenuation equivalent is 0.025-0.03mmPb and the average thickness is 0.25-0.40mm.

Open the package and check if there is a breach on the glove for fear to affect the use. In order to use it easily, every pair of gloves has some isolation pharmaceuticals. Before using the gloves, you can put some into them. If you need the disinfection when you want to use it for the second time, you can adopt the method of 120° C steam disinfection or the sterilization of epoxy ethane.

For fear to affect the usage, this product cannot touch with the acid or alkali goods, or disinfect by other methods. After each operation, it should be placed in a place of cool, well airy and without corrosive gas. The storage temperature is 5-40° C.


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