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Medical Hot Sale Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer (MT05116010)

  • Ultrasonic Nebulizer

  • CE, ISO13485

  • All The People

  • With LCD Display

  • Biological Regulatio

  • Ultrasonic

CE/ISO Approved Medical Hot Sale Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer (MT05116010)

Ultrasonic nebulizer atomizes the medicinal solution under a strong directional ultrasonic pressure generated by the ultrasonic wave in the solution. The medicinal mist will be absorbed directly into the patient's focus.It is pain-free,convenient and has excellent curative effect,which makes it a kind of innovative healthcare and curing equipment feeding medicine with a new method. It is widely used in curing diseases of respiration system.

We have the certificate of ISO13485 International Standard Quality System for medical treatment equipment, the main parts of the equipment are imported and upgraded with our innovation in product development;mist amount is adequate; air,mist and power supply are separated individually;the patented ultra-atomization property can atomize the medicine liquid and generate a fine spray which can produce a better clinic effect;multi-measure self-protecting functions can automatically give the product necessary maintenance.

Product maintenance:easy to disassemble,install and maintain.Repairs can be handled without technology support.(The inner structures of equipment are all connected with connectors with locking function,so it is convenient to maintain and repair.)


Supply electric voltage110V~60Hz    220V(230V)~50Hz60Hz
Electrical safetyIIB
Ultrasound frequency1.7MHz
Max capacity of medicine cup50ml
Nebulizer rate3ml/min-5ml/min
Time control45min
Particie size rate0.5 ~ 5μm85%
Noise≤50 dB(A)
Power consumption55VA
Package Size315mm(W) x 190mm(D) x 235mm(H)


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