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Overall Gown Non-Woven PP Coverall (MT59601001)

  • Overall Gown
  • Medtrue
  • Jiangsu, China(Mainland)
  • as Per Customers Requirement
  • Ce&ISO13485

CE&ISO Approved Overall Gown (MT59601001)
Overall Gown Non-Woven PP

Disposable,waterproof, breathable and lightweight full-body protection
With collar or hood,front zipper, elastic cuffs or open cuffs,ankles
With or without waist;with or without boots,zipper cover flap is available


MT59601001 Non-Woven PP,35g,style1,S 164x126cm
MT59601002 Non-Woven PP,35g,style1,M 172x130cm
MT59601003 Non-Woven PP,35g,style1,L 178x134cm
MT59601004 Non-Woven PP,35g,style1,XL 182x138cm
MT59601005 Non-Woven PP,35g,style1,XXL 184x142cm
MT59601011 Non-Woven PP,35g,style2,S 164x126cm
MT59601012 Non-Woven PP,35g,style2,M 172x130cm
MT59601013 Non-Woven PP,35g,style2,L 178x134cm
MT59601014 Non-Woven PP,35g,style2,XL 182x138cm
MT59601015 Non-Woven PP,35g,style2,XXL 184x142cm
MT59601021 Non-Woven PP,35g,style3,S 164x126cm
MT59601022 Non-Woven PP,35g,style3,M 172x130cm
MT59601023 Non-Woven PP,35g,style3,L 178x134cm
MT59601024 Non-Woven PP,35g,style3,XL 182x138cm
MT59601025 Non-Woven PP,35g,style3,XXL 184x142cm
MT59601031 Non-Woven PP,35g,style4,S 164x126cm
MT59601032 Non-Woven PP,35g,style4,M 172x130cm
MT59601033 Non-Woven PP,35g,style4,L 178x134cm
MT59601034 Non-Woven PP,35g,style4,XL 182x138cm
MT59601035 Non-Woven PP,35g,style4,XXL 184x142cm
MT59601041 Non-Woven PP,35g,style5,S 164x126cm
MT59601042 Non-Woven PP,35g,style5,M 172x130cm
MT59601043 Non-Woven PP,35g,style5,L 178x134cm
MT59601044 Non-Woven PP,35g,style5,XL 182x138cm
MT59601045 Non-Woven PP,35g,style5,XXL 184x142cm
MT59601101 Non-Woven PP,45g,style1,S 164x126cm
MT59601102 Non-Woven PP,45g,style1,M 172x130cm
MT59601103 Non-Woven PP,45g,style1,L 178x134cm
MT59601104 Non-Woven PP,45g,style1,XL 182x138cm
MT59601105 Non-Woven PP,45g,style1,XXL 184x142cm
MT59601111 Non-Woven PP,45g,style2,S 164x126cm
MT59601112 Non-Woven PP,45g,style2,M 172x130cm
MT59601113 Non-Woven PP,45g,style2,L 178x134cm
MT59601114 Non-Woven PP,45g,style2,XL 182x138cm
MT59601115 Non-Woven PP,45g,style2,XXL 184x142cm
MT59601121 Non-Woven PP,45g,style3,S 164x126cm
MT59601122 Non-Woven PP,45g,style3,M 172x130cm
MT59601123 Non-Woven PP,45g,style3,L 178x134cm
MT59601124 Non-Woven PP,45g,style3,XL 182*138cm
MT59601125 Non-Woven PP,45g,style3,XXL 184*142cm
MT59601131 Non-Woven PP,45g,style4,S 164*126cm
MT59601132 Non-Woven PP,45g,style4,M 172*130cm
MT59601133 Non-Woven PP,45g,style4,L 178*134cm
MT59601134 Non-Woven PP,45g,style4,XL 182*138cm
MT59601135 Non-Woven PP,45g,style4,XXL 184*142cm
MT59601141 Non-Woven PP,45g,style5,S 164*126cm
MT59601142 Non-Woven PP,45g,style5,M 172*130cm
MT59601143 Non-Woven PP,45g,style5,L 178*134cm
MT59601144 Non-Woven PP,45g,style5,XL 182*138cm
MT59601145 Non-Woven PP,45g,style5,XXL 184*142cm
MT59601151 Non-Woven PP,45g,style6(toped),S 164*126cm
MT59601152 Non-Woven PP,45g,style6(toped),M 172*130cm
MT59601153 Non-Woven PP,45g,style6(toped),L 178*134cm
MT59601154 Non-Woven PP,45g,style6(toped),XL 182*138cm
MT59601155 Non-Woven PP,45g,style6(toped),XXL 184*142cm
MT59601201 Non-Woven PP,50g,style1,S 164*126cm
MT59601202 Non-Woven PP,50g,style1,M 172*130cm
MT59601203 Non-Woven PP,50g,style1,L 178*134cm
MT59601204 Non-Woven PP,50g,style1,XL 182*138cm
MT59601205 Non-Woven PP,50g,style1,XXL 184*142cm
MT59601211 Non-Woven PP,50g,style2,S 164*126cm
MT59601212 Non-Woven PP,50g,style2,M 172*130cm
MT59601213 Non-Woven PP,50g,style2,L 178*134cm
MT59601214 Non-Woven PP,50g,style2,XL 182*138cm
MT59601215 Non-Woven PP,50g,style2,XXL 184*142cm
MT59601221 Non-Woven PP,50g,style3,S 164*126cm
MT59601222 Non-Woven PP,50g,style3,M 172*130cm
MT59601223 Non-Woven PP,50g,style3,L 178*134cm
MT59601224 Non-Woven PP,50g,style3,XL 182*138cm
MT59601225 Non-Woven PP,50g,style3,XXL 184*142cm
MT59601231 Non-Woven PP,50g,style4,S 164*126cm
MT59601232 Non-Woven PP,50g,style4,M 172*130cm
MT59601233 Non-Woven PP,50g,style4,L 178*134cm
MT59601234 Non-Woven PP,50g,style4,XL 182*138cm
MT59601235 Non-Woven PP,50g,style4,XXL 184*142cm
MT59601241 Non-Woven PP,50g,style5,S 164*126cm
MT59601242 Non-Woven PP,50g,style5,M 172*130cm
MT59601243 Non-Woven PP,50g,style5,L 178*134cm
MT59601244 Non-Woven PP,50g,style5,XL 182*138cm
MT59601245 Non-Woven PP,50g,style5,XXL 184*142cm



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