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Sterile Surgical Blades' structure, purpose, and position

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Sterile Surgical Blades' structure, purpose, and position

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, medical technology has also continued to develop. Just like a scalpel from wood to stone, to now Sterile Surgical Blades. Science and technology can bring development to medicine, and medicine should also make good use of science and technology to make progress, bring convenience to medical care, and bring health to patients. In a variety of clinical surgical operations, surgical blades are one the essential surgical instruments. With the development of medical science, aseptic packaging Sterile Surgical Blade will gradually replace ordinary packaging surgical blades. Next, let's take a look at the structure and use of Sterile Surgical Blades and the position of the knife.

Here is the content list:

l Structure and use of Sterile Surgical Blades.

l Sterile Surgical Blades' holding position.

Structure and use of Sterile Surgical Blades.

Sterile Surgical Blades usually has a cutting edge and a mounting groove that is docked with the handle of the scalpel. The material is usually pure titanium, titanium alloy, stainless steel, or carbon steel, which is generally disposable. During dissection, the blade is used to cut skin and muscle, the tip is used to clean blood vessels and nerves, and the handle is used for blunt dissection. Choose the appropriate type of blade and handle according to the size of the wound. Because Sterile Surgical Blades have the property of "zero" tissue damage after cutting, they can be used in various surgeries, but their wounds have active bleeding after cutting and should be used in surgeries with more bleeding.

Sterile Surgical Blades' holding position.

Depending on the size and location of the incision, Sterile Surgical Blade's knife-holding posture is divided into acupressure (also known as piano-playing or bow-holding), grasping (also known as knife-catching), pen-holding and anti-pickling (also known as extroversion). Writing style) and so on. Shiatsu is the most commonly used method of performing a knife. It uses the strength of the wrist and fingers and is mostly used for abdominal skin incisions and cutting of the clamped tissue. The grasping type is used to cut hard tissues with a wide range and high force, such as tendons, necrotic tissues, chronic hyperplasia tissues, etc., and the force is in the wrist. The pen style is used to cut short and small incisions, with gentle force and fine operation, such as separating blood vessels and nerves and incising small peritoneal incisions, etc. The movement and force are mainly in the fingers. A reverse pick type is a conversion form of the pen type. The blade is lifted from the inside to the outside to avoid deep tissue or organ damage, such as peritonectomy or opening of narrow tendon sheaths. No matter which method of holding the knife, the protruding surface of the knife edge should be perpendicular to the tissue and the tissue should be incised layer by layer. Do not use force on the tip of the knife. If the knife is held too high, the control will be unstable, and if the knife is too low, it will obstruct the line of sight. In addition, during the delivery of Sterile Surgical Blades, do not point the blade towards yourself or others to avoid injury.

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