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CE/ISO Approved High Quality Medical Hospital Hemodialysis Machine (MT05012002)

  • Hemodialysis Machine

  • CE, ISO13485

  • All The People

  • With LCD Display

  • Improve Blood Circulation

  • Laser

CE/ISO Approved High Quality Medical Hospital Hemodialysis Machine(MT05012002)

Be applicable of hemodialysis treatment,hemoperfusion,Plasma Exchange,Pure ultrafiltration project.
Touch screen was equipped and it can show Naand UF profiles;
In addition,the functions ie.backup power supply,Kt/V,HCO3adjustment,single needle,acetate treatment,pyrogen filter port and net connection ect.are optional.

Main technical parameter:
Volume (length× width ×height):370mm×340mm ×1570mm
Weight: about 90kg
Power supply voltage: AC220V±10%,Frequency: 50HZ ~ 60 HZ,Power: 1500W
Blood pump/spare pump:Flux: 15 ~ 340ml/min (6mm),20 ~ 460 ml/min (8mm)
Heparin pump:·Flux: 0.1ml/h~10ml/h(±5%·Precise: 0.1ml/h·Injector size: 20ml/30ml/50ml,10ml/20ml/30ml(selectable)
Arterial pressure:·display scope:-300mmHg~+300mmHg(±10mmHg)
Venous pressure:·display scope:-50mmHg~+300mmHg (±10mmHg)
Dialysate flow:·300ml/min~800ml/min linearity adjustable(+10%) (-5%)·Temperature:35.0°C~39.0°C·Resolving rate:0.1C·Conductivity:13mS/cm~15.5mS/cm (±0.1 mS/cm)
UF flow scope: 0~1800ml/h(±30ml/h ),0~4000ml/h(optional)
ISO UF flow scope:0~2000ml/h(±30ml/h)
Blood leakage monitor:over 1ml blood per liter dialysate(flow:500ml/min)
Blood level monitor: ultrasonic sensor
Air bubble monitor:Infrared and response threshold value:Single air bubble of 200   I exists when Blood flux is 200ml/min
Inflow pressure:0MPa~0.6MPa
Inflow temperature: 5°C~30°C
Environment temperature: 10°C~30°C,Relative humidity≤70%
Rinse/disinfection: chemical disinfection(citric acid,peracetic acid and oxalic acid)
Hot rinse: 80°C
Back-up power supply: last for 15-30min after electric-cut.


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