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CE/ISO Approved Hot Selling Portable Biphasic Cardiac Defibrillator (MT02001632)

  • Patient/Fetal/Maternal Monitor

  • CE, ISO13485

  • Medtrue

  • Mt02001632

  • Nanjing, Jiangsu

  • L320xw205xh410

CE/ISO Approved Hot Selling Portable Monophasic Defibrillator ( MT02001632)

Ysical characteristics:

Main unit: Portable
Dimensions: L320xW205xH410
Weight: 9.5KG

Technical specifications

(1) Defibrillator type Manual, Synchronized, Asynchronized,
(2) Energy accuracy ∠+1%
(3) Energy selection 0, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 360joules (nominal at a resistance of 50)
(4) Charging time Maximum 10seconds to 360 Joules
(5) Standard Adult/Pediatric Paddles Reusable external adult paddles(pediatric paddles integrated)

Power requirements

(a) AC Power supply 100V~240V, 50Hz/60 Hz
(b)Vehicle Voltage(Option) DC 12V

Internal Battery Backup

(1) Battery type Rechargeable lead-acid battery (12V 2.0Ah X2)
(2) Charging time Time-Minimum of 4 hours for full charging
(3) Battery charging During AC Power Supply operation of the device.
(4)Charging /Low Battery Indication RED LED
(5)Battery Capacity 100%of the battery will provide 120-min monitoring; And 35 discharges at 360 joules.


-LCD Dimensions 7-inch
-Type High resolution true-color graphic
-Resolution 480x234

Introducing our Portable Biphasic Cardiac Defibrillator, a professional-grade medical device designed to provide efficient and accurate treatment for cardiac emergencies. 

This defibrillator is equipped with a range of advanced features to ensure optimal performance and precision. With its manual, synchronous, and asynchronous defibrillation modes, it offers versatility in treating various cardiac conditions. 

One of the key highlights of this product is its exceptional energy accuracy, with a deviation of just +1%. This ensures that the delivered energy is precisely calibrated to the required levels for effective defibrillation. 

The energy selection feature allows for customization, offering a wide range of options from 0 to 360 joules. This flexibility enables healthcare professionals to choose the appropriate energy level based on the specific needs of the patient. 

Additionally, the defibrillator boasts a fast charging time, with a maximum of 10 seconds to reach 360 joules. This swift charging capability ensures minimal downtime between treatments, enabling prompt and efficient response to critical situations. 

For added convenience, our defibrillator comes with standard adult paddles that are reusable, as well as integrated child paddles. This eliminates the need for separate child paddles and simplifies the process of treating both adult and pediatric patients. 

With its professional tone and exceptional features, our Portable Biphasic Cardiac Defibrillator is the ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking a reliable and efficient solution for cardiac emergencies.



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