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CE/ISO Approved Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer (MT05004205)

  • ISO, CE

  • Medtrue

  • Mt05004205

  • Steam Sterilizer

  • 9kw/380V 50Hz

  • 200L

CE/ISO Approved Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer(MT05004205)

1.The steam can't go through to chamber when the door haven't close, and the pilot off to inform.You can processing dry operate.
2.When the pressure inner over 0.027Mpa,the door be lock and not be open.
3.If you not choose the sterile time and start the machine,buzzer sound.
4.If you mistake open the door in the course of start, the jacket valve auto off and open the chamber valve.
5.Lack water the pilot on, heating and sterile pilot off, the buzzer sound and auto release steam.
6.Overload and leakage protection,when leakage or over current occur,it auto off the power.
7.Temperature controller not work and the inner pressure over 0.165Mpa,the safety valve auto start open.

Valid volume280L200L150L
Max. working pressure0.22Mpa0.22Mpa0.22Mpa
Max.working temperature134ºC134ºC134ºC
Adjustment of temperature40~134ºC40~134ºC40~134ºC
Heat average≤±2ºC≤±2ºC≤±2ºC
Power12kw/380V 50Hz9kw/380v 50Hz9kw/380v 50Hz
Time for sterilization0~60min0~60min0~60min
Transport dimension1680*920*2100(mm)1560*820*1850(mm)1550*750*1850(mm)
Time for drying0~60min0~60min0~60min


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