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CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Medical Needle Burner and Syringe Destroyer (MT05120011)

  • Syringe Needle Destroyer

  • Medtrue

  • Mt05120011

  • AC220V 50Hz

  • 80va

  • 2kg

Shape destroyed machine (Mini-pinhead Destroyer) is another new style product designed and developed by our company in accordance with the detailed requirement of Regulations of Medical equipement supervising and Management. It features easy to use,safe,reliable,economy,substantial,beautiful and taste.

Suitable scope:
Tubular plastic of syringe for single use, needle for single use, scalp needle for single use, transfusion system for single use, appartus tranfusion for single use.

Function of product:
It can melt metalic needle quickly and destroy syringe, needle cylinder and rubber plug at the same time. Meanwhile it can cut off tubular plastic primary.

Applicable Scope
Each medical ward, emergency room, injection room, infusion room.
iving up Health institution (station)
Convalescent hospital (station)
Gdrugs place

Meeting the normal safety requirements of section I of medical electrical equipment (GB9706.1-1995)

Technical conditions
(1)Consumption of power: 80VA.
(2)Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz.
(3)Overall dimensions(mm): 120*200*120.
(4)Weight: 2kg

(1)It is prohibited to open the cover of the machine with electricity to avoid any dangerous.
(2)Don't put your hand into the sliping orbit when the machine is connect with the electricity, to avoid the accident.
(3)Wipe the machine with dry cloth regularly to keep it clean.
(4)It is prohibited to put your hand to the pipe-incised chember.
(5)Don't put anything on the power wires and the machine. Pull the plug off when not using to avoid the dangerous caused by the loosening of the plug. (6)Keep the manual, three-certificate card, certificate of quality if needed in future.


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