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CE/ISO Approved Medical X-ray Conventional Lead Apron 0.35mmpb (MT01003G02)

  • Conventional Lead Apron 0.35mmpb
  • Medtrue
  • Mt01003G02
  • 1000*600mm
  • Available
  • CE&ISO13485

CE/ISO Approved Medical X-Ray Conventional Lead Apron 0.35mmPb (MT01003G02)

Info of Products:
1.The consumer can choose different protective apron according to his requirement.
2.The protective apron is mainly used for the radiation operator to prevent the scattering of the X-ray and keep his body healthy during the operation.
3.Before operation, the operator should check the inner and outer surface packing cloth of the protective apron wheather it is firm or not, check wheather the connection of the fittings is firm, check whether the attenuation equivalent on the mark is suitable to the operator.
4.After the examination, put on the protective apron, then operate.5
.After the operation, lie the protective apron flat or hang it up by coat hanger to avoid breach caused by a long-time fold and avoid radial leak.
6.When storing the protective apron, put it in the well airy room where untouched the sun shine and far away from the heat source. Must not touch with the acid or alkali chemical products to ensure the service life of it.
7.According to the standard of GB16757-1997, the service life of the protective apron is 4~5 years. The user should have a regular examination to it once a year. The examination method is to fondle or bend the clothing by hand and check it by eyes. If the crackle of the product exceeds one third of it, the product cannot be used any more, must be discarded or renewed.
8.The attenuation equivalent of the protective products is: 0.25mmPb, 0.35mmPb, 0.5mmPb.The voltage of the X-ray radiation tube is: 100kv.


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