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Ce&ISO Approved Dental Bibs (MT59661001)

  • Dental Bibs

  • Medtrue

  • Jiangsu, China(Mainland)

  • as Per Customers Requirement


  • Ce&ISO13485

CE&ISO Approved Dental Bibs (MT59661001)

MT59661001Dental Bibs, 28g Paper+12g PE,33x45cm
MT59661002Dental Bibs, 28g Paper+12g PE,33x48cm
MT59661101Dental Bibs, 34g Paper+13g PE,33x45cm
MT59661102Dental Bibs, 34g Paper+14g PE,33x48cm

Product application scenario

1.   Dental Bibs for Dental Procedures:

Dental Bibs are primarily designed for use during dental procedures to ensure cleanliness, comfort, and protection for both the patient and the dental professional.   These disposable bibs are made of high-quality absorbent materials that effectively protect the patient's clothing from fluids, debris, and stains.   The bibs feature an adjustable neck closure, allowing for a secure and customized fit for patients of all sizes.   With their exceptional absorbency, Dental Bibs effectively minimize the risk of cross-contamination and maintain a hygienic environment throughout the dental procedure.   Additionally, these bibs are available in various colors, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the dental clinic and providing a pleasant and professional atmosphere for patients.

2.   Dental Bibs for Orthodontic Treatments:

Dental Bibs are also widely used during orthodontic treatments to provide a clean and comfortable surface for patients.   These bibs are particularly beneficial during procedures such as bracket placement, wire adjustments, and dental impressions.   The high absorbency of the bibs helps in preventing any liquids, including saliva and excess bonding material, from coming into contact with the patient's skin or clothing.   By utilizing Dental Bibs, orthodontic professionals can maintain a sterile working area, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes while prioritizing patient comfort and safety.

3.   Dental Bibs for Dental Implant Surgeries:

During dental implant surgeries, Dental Bibs play a crucial role in maintaining a sterile and controlled environment.   These bibs are used to cover the patient's chest and upper body, protecting their clothing from potential blood splatter, irrigation fluids, or any other debris.   The bibs' soft and absorbent material effectively absorbs and contains any fluids, minimizing the risk of contamination and promoting a clean  field.   The adjustable neck closure ensures a secure fit, allowing the patient to remain comfortable throughout the procedure.   By incorporating Dental Bibs into dental implant surgeries, dental professionals can uphold strict infection control protocols and provide patients with a safe and hygienic  experience.

4.   Dental Bibs for Teeth Whitening Procedures:

Dental Bibs are essential for maintaining cleanliness and preventing any potential staining during teeth whitening procedures.   These bibs are placed around the patient's neck, covering the chest area, to protect their clothing from contact with the bleaching agents used during the treatment.   The bibs' absorbent material effectively absorbs any excess gel or liquid, preventing it from dripping onto the patient's clothing.   Dental professionals can confidently perform teeth whitening procedures knowing that Dental Bibs provide a barrier between the bleaching agents and the patient's clothing, ensuring a clean and stain-free experience.

5.   Dental Bibs for Pediatric Dentistry:

In pediatric dentistry, Dental Bibs are particularly useful in creating a child-friendly and comfortable environment.   These bibs are available in vibrant colors and appealing designs, helping to alleviate any anxiety or fear that children may experience during dental visits.   The bibs' adjustable neck closure ensures a secure fit for children of various ages, allowing them to move freely without any discomfort.   Dental professionals can rely on Dental Bibs to protect children's clothing from stains, saliva, and debris, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant dental experience for young patients.



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