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CE/ISO Approved Reusable Fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask (MT58079151)

  • Reusable Fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask
  • Medtrue
  • Mt58079151
  • Jiangsu China (Mainland)
  • <5kg
  • Purple

CE/ISO Approved Reusable Fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask (MT58079151)

1.Reusable Fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask
2.The tube is made from 100% silicone, no poison and harmless
3.Suitable for adult children and infant use

Brief Introduction:
Reusable Silicone Laryngeal mask is a supraglottic airway management device.  It consists of a tube with an inflatable cuff that is inserted into the pharynx. They cause less pain and coughing than an endotracheal tube, and are much easier to insert.

1.The tube and cuff are made of pure medical-grade Silicone with excellent physical and chemical characters.
2.Specially designed shape coincides with the laryngopharynx well,   reducing stimulation to patient body and improving the cuff seal.
3.Autoclave sterilization enable each product can be used for 40 times or so, convenient and safe operation.
4.In EO gas sterilized pouch for each unit;
5.CE and ISO 13485 approved by the notify body: TUV;
6.Cuff Colors : Clear/skin color for choice.
7.Cuff: with bar/ without bar

Reusable fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask,1.0MT58079151
Reusable fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask,1 1/2MT58079152
Reusable fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask,2.0MT58079153
Reusable fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask,2 1/2MT58079154
Reusable fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask,3.0MT58079155
Reusable fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask,4.0MT58079156
Reusable fixable Silicon Laryngeal Mask,5.0MT58079157


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