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Ce/ISO Approved Medical Silk Tape (MT59382101)

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CE/ISO Approved Medical Silk Tape, Plastic tin (MT59382101)


Cloth Tape
Product description: It is composed of silk,medical hypo-allergenic adhesive and inner core, widely used in clinical departments.
Feature: A strong tape for affixing dressings
1 .Sturdy rayon/acetate fabric helps secure dressings in place
2.Serrated edges facilitate tearing
3.Durable adhesion with minimal residue on skin
4.Water repellent and hypoallergenic
Available color: white and skin
Package: simple packing, plastic packing, metal packing
Option: different size and color, Brand customization
Storage: the humidity cannot be over 80%, and temperature is (-5-30)ºC
Shelf life: 2 year
Silk Tape Dispenser Package,PP(mt59382301)

MT593823011.25cm x 5m
MT593823022.5cm x 5m
MT593823035cm x 5m
MT593823047.5cm x 5m
MT593823111.25cm x 10m
MT593823122.5cm x 10m
MT593823135cm x 10m
MT593823147.5cm x 10m

Silk Tape Dispenser Package,ABS(MT59382401)

MT593824011.25cm x 5m
MT593824022.5cm x 5m
MT593824031.25cm x 10m
MT593824042.5cm x 10m

Silk Tape Blister Package(MT59382601)

MT593826011.25cm x 5m
MT593826022.5cm x 5m
MT593826035cm x 5m
MT593826111.25cm x 10m
MT593826122.5cm x 10m
MT593826135cm x 10m

Silk Tape,Bulk Package

MT593822011.25cm x 1m
MT593822022.5cm x 1m
MT593822111.25cm x 5m
MT593822122.5cm x  5m
MT593822135cm x 5m
MT593822147.5cm x 5m
MT5938221510cm x 5m
MT593822211.25cm x 10m
MT593822222.5cm x 10m
MT593822235cm x 10m
MT593822247.5cm x 10m
MT5938222510cm  x 10m
MT5938223112y''x 10y



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