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Ce/ISO Approved Medical Surgical Tape, (Paper tape) (MT59385001)

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  • Mt59385001
  • Ce/ISO
  • Jiangsu,China (Mainland)

CE/ISO Approved Medical Surgical tape, (Paper tape), Bulk Package (MT59385001)

Paper Tape
Product description: It consists of non woven, medical hypo-allergenic adhesive and inner core, widelv used in clinical deparments.
1.Gentle, air-permeable, non-woven material
2.Especially recommended for geriatric patients or others with fragile skin
3.Conforms and adhere even to damp skin
4.Secures lightweight dressing and tubing, ostomy pouches and facial dressings
Available color: white and skin
Package: simple packing, plastic packing, metal packing
Option: different size and color, Brand customization
Storage: the humidity cannot be over 80%, and temperature is (-5-30)ºC
Shelf life: 2 years

MT593850011.25cm x 5m
MT593850022.5cm x 5m
MT593850035cm x 5m
MT593850047.5cm x 5m
MT5938500510cm x 5m
MT593850111.25cm x 10m
MT593850122.5cm x 10m
MT593850135cm x 10m
MT593850147.5cm x 10m
MT5938501510cm x 10m

CE/ISO Approved Medical Surgical tape, (Paper tape),Dispenser Package,PP(MT59385101)

MT593851011.25cm x 5m
MT593851022.5cm x 5m
MT593851035cm x 5m
MT593851047.5cm x 5m
MT593851111.25cm x 10m
MT593851122.5cm x 10m
MT593851135cm x 10m
MT593851147.5cm x 10m

CE/ISO Approved Medical Surgical tape, (Paper tape),Blister Package(mt59385501)

MT593855011.25cm  x  5m
MT593855022.5cm x  5m
MT593855035cm x  5m
MT593855111.25cm x  10m
MT593855122.5cm x  10m
MT593855135cm x  10m



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