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Ce/ISO Approved Medical Silver Lon Dressing (MT59402001)

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CE/ISO Approved Medical Silver lon Dressing (MT59402001)

1. Silver ion dressing is antibacterial for many kinds of microorganism and it is not drug-resistant.
2. Silver ion dressing can continuously kill bacterial and virus, and this can last for 5-7 days.
3. Discharging of silver ion is related to the wound situations. More exudates, silver ion discharging.

Product Performance:
1. Highly effective and permanent antibacterial ability, and it can kill kinds
 of pathogenic microorganism.
2. It can protect the wound from bacterial penetration.
3. It can promote wound healing and reduce scar formation.
4. It will not stick on the wound, and no pain when the dressing is changed.
 Secondary damage to the wound will not happen.

Silver lon Dressing

MT594020015cm x 5cm
MT5940200210cm x 10cm
MT5940200310cm x 10cm
MT5940200415cm x 15cm
MT5940200520cm x20cm

Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel


Hydrocolloid Silver Ion Dressing( with thin border)

MT594020215cm x 5cm
MT594020227.5cm x 7.5cm
MT5940202310cm x 10cm
MT5940202415cm x 15cm

Foam Silver Ion Dressing

MT594020315cm x 5cm
MT5940203210cm x 10cm
MT5940203310cm x 20cm
MT5940203415cm x 15cm
MT5940203520cm x 20cm

Foam Silver Ion Dressing (self-adhesive)

MT5940204110cm x 10cm
MT5940204215cm x 15cm
MT5940204320cm x 20cm

Alginate Silver Ion Dressing

MT594020515cm x 5cm
MT5940205210cm x 10cm
MT5940205310cm x 20cm
MT5940205415cm x 20cm

Alginate Silver Ion Dressing(rope)

MT594020612cm x 30cm
MT594020622cm x 40cm



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