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Common repair methods for Ventilator

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Common repair methods for Ventilator

Common repair methods for Ventilator

If a Ventilator malfunctions, it can hurt the patient. As a healthcare professional, you should ensure that you are using the Ventilator in a strict, rational, and standardized manner during the treatment of patients and that you can determine whether the Ventilator is malfunctioning based on its operation. For patients who have undergone major surgery, their vital characteristics are very weak, requiring healthcare professionals to master the correct operation of the Ventilator to avoid errors that could affect the safety of the patient. In addition, there should be timely and effective troubleshooting methods that take into account the actual situation.

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  • Troubleshooting Preparation

  • Indicator deviation repair methods


Troubleshooting Preparation

The structure and principles of different Ventilators are necessarily different. Preparing the Ventilator for repair work will not only improve the efficiency of repair but also prevent secondary damage to the equipment. When repairing a Ventilator, the first step is to consult the Ventilator manual and other materials to understand the working principle and internal structure of the equipment. In addition, the repairer must understand the Ventilator's operating procedures and connection principles. After the repair work is completed, a summary of the causes, types and methods of repair will be made to provide more reference for solving other problems.

Indicator Deviation Repair Method

Deviations in the indexes on the Ventilator's display can affect patient outcomes, and the efficiency of the Ventilator, and damage its internal components. The Ventilator is equipped with a reservoir and if the reservoir is overfilled, the indexes may be off. The reservoir must be thoroughly checked and cleared of any accumulated water. After the above is completed, check for loose connections and address any poorly connected pipes. After the repair work is completed, the Ventilator must be tested to ensure that it is operating correctly before it is put back into service. During the maintenance phase, condensate must be treated to ensure the safety of the Ventilator.

How to Repair a Shutdown

When the Ventilator stops, first check for loose plugs and sockets. If the shutdown is not directly related to the power supply, check the other parts to ensure that they are in place to avoid omissions.

Ventilator self-test system failure repair method

If the Ventilator is difficult to turn on or run, the Ventilator is malfunctioning internally and the Ventilator is self-monitoring to detect the malfunction. If there is a problem with the self-test system, the first step should be to determine if the problem is directly related to the patient and if so, to adjust the care plan. If there is no direct connection, the failure can be identified as a self-test problem and the equipment should be returned to the factory for repair as soon as possible.

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