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Handling and Storage of Blood Bags

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Handling and Storage of Blood Bags

Blood Bags are medical devices used for blood collection, blood transfusion, and separation of blood components. it normally consist of needle for collection blood, transfer tubes, bag for storage of blood. and  It has the advantages of convenient operation and avoiding blood contamination. Because of its safety and practicability, it has been clinically accepted, and it has been widely used in various blood stations and hospitals. Blood Bags' suitable air permeability and excellent pressure resistance are beneficial to the normal metabolism of blood, especially platelets, on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can also effectively reduce the damage rate of blood bags, which is an important condition for ensuring blood quality. Next, let's take a look at the handling and storage of a Blood Bag after a blood transfusion.

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  • Blood Bags after blood transfusion, how to deal with them correctly?

  • Blood Bags requirements for storage after use.

Blood Bags after blood transfusion, how to deal with them correctly?

The recycling of Blood Bags is an important link to cutting off the transmission of pathogens. It is the responsibility of clinical medical staff to actively cooperate with the blood transfusion department to carry out the recycling of Blood Bags and promote safe blood transfusion. Therefore, we must fulfill the following responsibilities: First, to ensure safe clinical blood transfusion and reduce the occurrence of blood-borne diseases, strictly implement the Blood Bags recycling registration and processing system. Second, after the patient's blood transfusion, the nurse on duty folds the needle hole of the Blood Bags, sticks them with glue to prevent residual blood from flowing out, and labels the Blood Bags with the department, patient name, and hospital number. Third, the nursing staff of the clinical department will send the Blood Bags special container to the blood transfusion department and make the corresponding registration and signature. Fourth, the number of Blood Bags issued must be consistent with the number of Blood Bags returned after blood transfusion. Fifth, the blood transfusion department will place Blood Bags in a special refrigerator at 2-8°C for 24 hours in case of an accident. Sixth, the used blood transfusion set does not need to be returned to the blood transfusion department, and the processing method is the same as that of the infusion set.

Blood Bags requirements for storage after use.

After the Blood Bags are used, the storage requirement is that the Blood Bags should be folded at the puncture hole and taped to prevent the remaining blood from flowing out. In addition, to write the names of the department and the blood transfusion person on Blood Bags, be sure to return to the blood matching room within one hour, and after 24 hours of retention, the staff of the blood transfusion department will seal the Blood Bags according to the hospital infection management requirements, and hand it over to professional personnel for harmless disposal.

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