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High Quality Disposable 3 Way Stopcock with CE&ISO Certification (MT58012224)

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High Quality Disposable 3  Way  Stopcock  with CE&ISO Certification (MT58012224)

1.Min dead space in ports;
2.Leak proof up to 3 bars;
3.Rotating security lock connecting on line;
4.Flow indication mak on Tap;
5.Option of lipid resistant materials;
6.With option of Blue, Red & White coloured Taps;

3-Way Stopcock is designed to connect to the infusion line of the inserted catheter, when you want to infuse therapeutic fluids, medicine or other solutions through the patient's vein. It can be connected or disconnected by twisting the rotatable tap. 3-Way Stopcock is designed with minimal dead space(0.05ml) in port and the uniform bore throughout also allows to ensure precise drug administration and maximum infusion flow. With minimized chemical interaction, it is compatible with all commonly used infusions e. G. Lipids and blood products and etc. In order to avoid leakage, a leak proof function is added to withstand up to 0.6 of bar pneumatic and 3 bar of hydrostatic pressure. It is also produced with a transparent material to permit observation of flow and possible air bubbles. Color-coded DOT & flow systems and enables 2 or more stopcocks to meet the needs of all kind of clinical situation. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide.

3 Way Stopcock,Blue ValveMT58012001
3 Way Stopcock,Red ValveMT58012002
3 Way Stopcock,White ValveMT58012003
2 Way StopcockMT58012051
Extension TubeMT58012052

3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,10CM,(Blue Valve)MT58012101
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,25CM,(Blue Valve)MT58012102
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,50CM,(Blue Valve)MT58012103
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,150CM,(Blue Valve)MT58012104
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,10CM ,(Red Valve)MT58012131
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,25CM,(Red Valve)MT58012132
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,50CM,(Red Valve)MT58012133
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,150CM,(Red Valve)MT58012134
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,10CM ,(White Valve)MT58012161
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,25CM,(White Valve)MT58012162
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,50CM,(White Valve)MT58012163
3 Way Stopcock With Extension Tube,150CM,(White Valve)MT58012164

Extension Tube,Inner Dia.1.5mm, Out Dia.2.7mm,10CMMT58012201
Extension Tube,Inner Dia.1.5mm, Out Dia.2.7mm,25CMMT58012202
Extension Tube,Inner Dia.1.5mm, Out Dia.2.7mm,50CMMT58012203
Extension Tube,Inner Dia.1.5mm, Out Dia.2.7mm,100CMMT58012204
Extension Tube,Inner Dia.3.0mm, Out Dia.4.0mm,10CMMT58012221
Extension Tube,Inner Dia.3.0mm, Out Dia.4.0mm,25CMMT58012222
Extension Tube,Inner Dia.3.0mm, Out Dia.4.0mm,50CMMT58012223
Extension Tube,Inner Dia.3.0mm, Out Dia.4.0mm,100CMMT58012224


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