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Information about Operating Table

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Information about Operating Table

The Operating Table include Manual Operating Table and Electrical Operating Table. One type of Electrical Operating Table is powered by electro-hydraulic, and the main control structure is composed of a control switch, speed control valve, and solenoid valve, which provides a hydraulic power source through an electro-hydraulic gear pump and controls the reciprocating motion of each bidirectional hydraulic cylinder, and controls the Operating Table to change various positions through the handle button, such as lifting, tilting left and right, tilting front and back, waist and back lifting, moving and fixing, etc. The functions such as lifting, tilting, back and forth, lumbar back lifting, moving and fixing, etc., make it meet the requirements of surgical operation. Next, let's take a look at the information about the Operating Table.

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  • Basic components

  • Common accessories

  • Main Functions

operating table

Basic Composition

The Operating Table is composed of a tabletop, main body, electric control, accessories, etc. The Operating Table top is composed of a head plate, back plate, seat plate, and leg plate, including a head plate, back plate, seat plate, left leg plate, right leg plate, and waist plate in 6 parts. This combined design not only enables the individual manipulation of the Operating Table such as rise and fall, left and right back and forth tilt, and head, back, waist, and leg plates, but also enables the adjustment of the surgical position by simply changing the table surface.

Common Accessories

The Operating Table is generally equipped with a dirt bucket, armrest tray, leg rest tray, head frame, arm plate, anesthesia pole and infusion stand, etc., to assist in position adjustment and meet the needs of surgery; it is equipped with a shoulder strap, leg strap, wrist strap, and body strap to protect the patient from falling from the Operating Table during surgery; its plate, tray, and stand are equipped with special sponge cushions to ensure. The operating control device of the Operating Table: generally adopts electro-hydraulic transmission, which is mainly composed of an electric gear oil pump, hydraulic cylinder, relief valve, solenoid valve, positioning control switch, and power supply. The control of the electro-hydraulic drive is done by a wired hand controller, infrared remote control, foot controller, and auxiliary controller. The hand-press controller is divided into wired and rechargeable infrared remote control type, which is ergonomically designed, completely sealed, and durable to avoid corrosion and damage from dropping in the operating room environment. It not only displays the battery strength, but also allows one-handed operation with convenient composite program function keys, an automatic detection function that detects a malfunction, automatic floor lock, automatic reset, and automatic rise and fall. Combined with the foot controller, it is convenient for the surgeon to adjust the surgical position directly; the auxiliary controller is an independent emergency control panel, which can be enabled when the remote control fails to adjust various positions.

Main Functions

The basic function of the Operating Table is to adjust the surgical position, expose the surgical field, and make the operation go smoothly. The Operating Table is suitable for head and neck, thoracic and abdominal, limb, urological, and five senses surgeries, and has the following features.

(1) Ergonomic design, can effectively reduce the labor intensity of medical personnel.

(2) Beautiful appearance, high surface finish, corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength after spraying. The body is composed of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, exhibition cast iron, and other advanced materials, including the base, lifting column and other major transmission structures are all covered with stainless steel. The bed board is composed of stain-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant high-strength bakelite, fire-resistant and durable, with good X-ray penetration. Electrically conductive mattresses can prevent bedsores and static electricity.

(3) Types are increasing, including built-in lumbar bridges, five-section bias columns, C-arm catheters, etc., convenient and safe, fully functional, high precision control, and long service life.

(4) Intelligent, computer-controlled Operating Table has increased substantially in recent years, controlled by the computer control system, all the positions of the single button control.

(5) Often equipped with a variety of parts to expand the function of the equipment, suitable for surgery, gynecology, urology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, agroecology and otolaryngology, and other types of departments.

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