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Medical Surgical LED Shadowless Operating Lamp (MT02005E51)

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CE/ISO Approved Medical Surgical LED Shadowless Operation Lamp(MT02005E51)
LED shadowless operation lamp is suitable for the requirements of various operation conditions and it is ideal operating lighting equipment for modern operation rooms and clean operation rooms.

1.An imported LED cold light source is adopted as operation lighting.As a genuine cold light source,there is almost no temperature rise at the doctor''s head or the wound.
2.The white LED has a feature of color temperature which is different from the light souce of common light for operation. It may enhance the chromatic aberration between blood,other body tissues and organs,and it thus helps the operating doctor to have a clearer view.
3.The LED light is pure-DC power supplied, without any stobe or harmonic interference with other equipment in the working area.
4.The imported switch power supply is adopted to control the voltage,making the wok voltage permanently stable.
5.The removable handle sheath can be disinfected at the high temperature of 135ºC.
6.A special optical system is adopted so that the light is evently illuminated on the observed objects in 360°,without any virtual image and with high definition.
7.The service life of LED light is long(50,000h),far longer than that of traditional tungsten halogen lamp(1,500h),and it is over twenty times of the service life of energy saving lamp.
8.LED has high luminous efficienc and it is impact-resistant and strong to resist crumbling,without mecury contamination.The light it sends contains no infra-red or ultraviolet radiation pollution.

Techinical Specification:
Diameter of lighthead: 61 cm
Iilumination at 1m: 60000~120000 LUX
Light field diameter at 1m: 10-28 cm
D10: 180± 15mm D50: 100± 15mm
L1+L2 depth of illumination: 110 cm
Color rendering index: 95 Ra
Optional color temperature: 4500K± 500K
Number of LED bulbs: 72
Average bulb life: 50000 hours
Heat to light ratio: 3.3mW/lx
Working distance: 70-150 cm
Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Max power consumption: 120W
Medical Surgical LED Shadowless Operation Lamp (MT02005E51)


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