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Advanced Wound Dressings and traditional gauze

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Advanced Wound Dressings and traditional gauze

A wound dressing is a dressing used to cover a sore, wound, or other damage. Today, disposable surgical dressing has been revolutionized from the early days, and a wide range of dressings with different properties are available to clinical caregivers.

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  • What is new about modern dressings?

  • The difference between traditional gauze and modern dressings

  • Comparison of the traditional gauze and modern dressings

  • Wound Care

What is new about modern dressings?

More and more research is reversing the old concept of wound healing. In the past, it was thought that wounds should be kept dry, however, research has found that wounds should be kept properly moist, but not excessively moist, to promote the growth of healthy tissue in the wound bed, which is more effective for wound healing. With the advancement of biomedical technology, many advanced wound dressings have been created with special materials and compositions to regulate the wet and dry balance of wounds, which are called modern dressings.

The difference between traditional gauze and modern dressings

The traditional difference can absorb exudate, but the amount of absorption is limited, so if there are a lot of exudates in the wound, it will easily erode the intact skin around the wound. Although the dressings commonly used by the public (gauze, sterilized absorbent cotton, and bandages) are economical, they provide only physical protection and are of limited use in the healing of more complex wounds and the prevention of infection. Advanced wound dressing is available in 3000 types, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional dressings, with materials such as hydrophilic gel dressing, hydrophilic gel, alginate dressing, hydrophilic fiber dressing, foam dressing, polymeric film-type multifunctional foam dressing, antimicrobial dressing, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the selection of wound disposable surgical dressing suitable for different periods according to the wound condition.

Comparison of the traditional gauze and modern dressings

In terms of the frequency of dressing changes, traditional gauze needs to be changed once or three times a day. Advanced wound dressing, on the other hand, requires a dressing change every 3-7 days.
In terms of adsorption of exudate, modern dressings are three times more effective than traditional ones.
Modern dressings are also three times better than traditional dressings in terms of preventing moistening of the surrounding skin.
Advanced wound dressing not only keeps the wound moist and accelerates wound healing, but also reduces the damage to the new granulation tissue during removal and the pain during dressing removal.

Wound Care

During the wound healing process, the less inflammation and infection, the faster the epidermal cells proliferate and the more balanced the nutrition, the flatter the healing scar will be. Advanced wound dressing can do that
Avoid infection: A clean wound without infection, covered with an ideal disposable surgical dressing, can have a protective and accelerated healing function.
Apply cream: Apply hyaluronic acid cream daily to increase the rate of epidermal cell migration and make the scars less visible.
Nutritional supplements: Amino acids from fresh fish can help with healing, and if nutrients are insufficient, supplement with amino acid drinks.
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