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Anesthesia Machine repair and maintenance measures

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Anesthesia Machine repair and maintenance measures

The Anesthesia Machine is a semi-open anesthesia device that delivers anesthetics into the patient's alveoli through a mechanical circuit, forming a partial pressure of anesthetic gas, which, after diffusion into the bloodstream, directly inhibits the central nervous system, thus producing the effect of general anesthesia. It is mainly composed of an anesthesia evaporation tank, flow meter, folding bellows ventilator, breathing circuit (including inspiratory and expiratory one-way valve and manual airbag), corrugated pipeline, and other components.

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  • Daily maintenance

  • Regular inspection

  • Functional testing

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Daily maintenance

The Anesthesia Machine is used frequently and is a precision device, so it is important to have a dedicated person in charge of its maintenance and repair. Daily maintenance is a key task in maintenance because the Anesthesia Machine has strict storage requirements, need to do the Anesthesia Machine placed in a ventilated, dry and sunlight-free place, and does a good job of cleaning, Anesthesia Machine placed in the space is strictly prohibited corrosive chemical reagents remote.

Regular inspections

Regular inspections are particularly important in the repair and maintenance of the Anesthesia Machine, as they enable the person concerned to identify problems in the machine and to organize a rapid response to them. Regular inspections can be carried out in the following ways:

(1) Develop a scientific inspection plan and replace the batteries, skin capsules, flaps, bacterial filters, and other vulnerable parts of the Anesthesia Machine promptly.

For example, in the inspection of the airway system, the tidal volume, pressure gauge, and ear and hand methods are generally used. If the tidal volume method is selected for the airway system check of the Anesthesia Machine, the TV is reliably connected to the flexible respiratory bag after pre-conditioning, and the TVs on the inhalation and exhalation sides are measured under this condition, and when the TVs are the same, it means that there is no air leak in the airway system. When the pressure gauge test is used in the inspection of the air system, the professional needs to do a good comparison of the ventilation pressure and the working pressure.

Functional testing

For the repair and maintenance of the Anesthesia Machine, strict functional tests are also required, specifically in several areas: the alarm system, to check whether the alarm system can properly alarm, through the adjustment of the tidal volume, the control of the upper and lower alarm limits; the output function, the Anesthesia Machine contains a variety of output functions. The Anesthesia Machine contains a variety of output functions, and abnormal output will affect the normal use of the Anesthesia Machine. The inspection of output functions should focus on the inspection of respiratory rate, respiratory mode, TV, FiO2, etc.; the inspection of additional functions, such as the inspection of the operating status and parameter information of the thermostat, monitor, and nebulizer.

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