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CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Medical Anaesthesia Machine (MT02002003)

  • Anaesthesia Machine
  • CE, ISO13485
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CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Medical Anaesthesia Machine (MT02002003)CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Medical Anaesthesia Machine (MT02002003)

1.ISO circuit system can be adaptable to various monitoring.
2.New type of flowmeter ORC system(O2 concentration no less than 25%).N2O cut-off device.
3.Respiratory flow speed:20-80L/min
4.The SC-M3A pneumatic driven and controlled anesthesia ventilator was comparable small consumption O gas(one cylinder of six hours of operation),and precise parameters for controlling.
5.Airway pressure gauge for real-time display of respiration of patients.
6.Top plate intended for all kinds of monitors.

1.Gas supply:0.27-0.55Mpa
2.Adjustment range of flow:O2:  0.1-1.5L/min,N2O:0.05-10L/min
3.ORC system: O2 concentration≥25%( O2 +N2O)
4.O2 deficiency alarm:audible alarm occurs when O2 pressure≤0.2Mpa
5.O2 flush:35-75L/min(O2 pressure 0.45Mpa)
7.Adjustment range of APL:0.5-7kPa
8.SC-M3A1 anesthesia ventilator:Freq:6-40bpm,MV:3-18L/min,I;E:1.5(fixed)
9.Safety working pressure:6kPa
10.Monitor:Airway pressure,tidal volume,MV,Gas resource pressure.


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