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CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Medical Multifunctional Anaesthesia Machine (MT02002004)

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CE/ISO Approved Hot Sale Medical Multifunctional Anaesthesia Machine(MT02002004)

It adopts a two-stage pressure regulator and a high precision dual-tube flowmeter to provide an accurate Fresh gas output. Its build-in safety devices such as ORC system, oxygen deficiency alarm and N20 cut-off Make anaesthesia more safer. The specially constructed inter-lock mechanism may guarantee only one Of the two parallel vaporizers to be switched on at a time. The specially vaporizers from world famous Companies as Drager 19.3, Ohmeda TEC-5 and Penlon Sigma Delta satisfy different requirements of Customers.

Autonomous system integrates an anaesthesia machine, a ventilator and an oxygen concentrator.
Sturdy and stable construction on 4 antistatic ball-bearing swivel castors, 2 with brakes. Trolley with upper Shelf and medicalutility rail. Open circuit configuration. With halothane vaporizer for Selectable vaporising System, with interlock fixation system. Gas mixing unit uses ventilator compressor (ambient air) or oxygen Concentrator (ambient air/O2). Mixer secures a minimum of 25 % oxygen in gas mix.

Built-in electrically powered compressor: 0 to 25 L/min. Ventilation modes: SV, MV, CV, ACV.
Tidal volume: 30 - 1000 ml. Respiratory rate: 8 to 40 cycles/min. FiO2: 0.21 - 0.90 16. I/E ratio: 1/3 to 1/1.
Inspiration pressure: 0 to 80 mbar. Trigger sensitivity: 0 to -20 mbar. Minimum pressure alarm: 0 to 60 mbar.
Front panel shows system status, errors and failure (low oxygen concentration, low/high pressure, power Failure). Audio-visual alert on low/high pressure, power failure.

Flow: O2 0.1-15L/min
N2O 0.05-10L/min
ORC O2≥ 25%
O2 flush: 35-75L/min
Oxygen deficiency alarm and N2O cut-off:
When O2 ≤ 0.2Mpa, audible alarm occurs and lasts for at least 7 seconds
When O2 ≤ 0.14Mpa, N2O flow decreases correspondingly
When O2 ≤ 0.04Mpa, N2O flow is cut off

Integrated breathing circle system
APL adjustment range: 0.5-7kPa
CO2 absorber capacity: 1.6L
Vaporizer (Drager 19.3)
Ambient temperature: 15-35c
Input flow: 0.25-15L/min
Output back pressure: -10kPa-20kPa
Output concentration: 0.2%-5% (± 0.2%) (Vol%)

Anesthesia Ventilator:
A microprocessor-controlled ventilator, which is time-cycled and constant-volume, has a clear digital
Reading for all set breathing parameters. Because it is electric-driven and electric-controlled,
The ventilator saves large amount of oxygen that is usually used only as driving gas.
Frequency: 6-60BMP
Tidal volume: 100-1100mL
I: E ratio: 1: 1 1: 9.9 adjustable

Respiratory monitor applies microprocessor to monitor tidal volume, frequency, MV airway pressure, And inhaled oxygen concentration. It has real time curve display and a visual-and-audible alarms.
A Chinese menu and single-key operation is user-friendly. A high-definition large screen with wide Vision angle makes all-directional inspection available.

Frequency: 6-60BMP
O2 measuring range: 0-99%
Tidal Volume: 100-1500mL
Minute volume: 0-40L/min
Airway pressure: 0-9.9kPa


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