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Characteristics and use of elastic bandages

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Characteristics and use of elastic bandages

Disposable surgical dressing, a wound dressing, is a material used to cover a sore, wound, or other damage. The types of wound dressings are passive dressings, interactive dressings, and bioactive dressings. When dressings are used, we need to use elastic bandages. Let's take a look at the introduction of it.

Here is the content:

l Function

l Advantages and characteristics

l Instructions for use


The elastic bandage is woven with natural fibers, which are soft and highly elastic. It is mainly used to provide binding force to the wound dressing or limb, to play a dressing, fixed role, mainly for surgical dressing care. Wide range of uses, external bandaging of various parts of the body, field training, trauma first aid, etc. In daily life, we can realize the benefits of this bandage. It is usually a rolled, tubular, or triangular-shaped material made of textile. Its shape can be used to fix the disposable surgical dressing or restrict the movement of the limb by tying it, to play an indirect role in assisting wound healing.

Advantages and characteristics

The bandage is self-adhesive, i.e., it is only adhesive with the bandage itself and does not stick to the skin and hair.

The bandage has good breathability, thus improving the comfort of the patient.

The bandage can exceed its length by 120%.

The bandage binding force is 20-45cN/cm at 30%.

The bandage can be torn by hand without the use of scissors.

The bandages can reposition the dislocated parts.

The bandage is waterproof and can be washed once or twice.

The bandage can pass an X-ray.

High elasticity, joint parts after the use of activities are not restricted, no shrinkage, will not impede blood circulation or make the joint parts shift good breathable material, will not make the wound condensation vapor, easy to carry.

Elastic bandage is easy to use, beautiful and generous, suitable pressure has good air permeability, not easy to be infected, conducive to rapid wound healing, rapid disposable surgical dressing, has no allergy, and does not affect the patient's daily life.

Instructions for use

1. Unfold the elastic bandage 20-30cm long and wrap it around the body part to be protected.

2. Wrap the elastic bandage around one turn first and then continue to wrap, each turn should cover at least half the width of the previous turn.

3. Do not let the last turn of the bandage touch the skin, but cover it completely with the previous turn to ensure a good fit. Care: Do not use detergents containing stain removers and chlorine preparations, water temperature should not exceed 40°C. Hand wash or machine wash. After rinsing, flatten the elastic bandage until dry.

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