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Information about the Blood Lancet

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Information about the Blood Lancet

[Product brief introduction]:

The product is a closed system consisting of blood collection needle, tube, transfusion connector and bag body, sterile, nontoxic, non-pyrogen.

This product contains maintenance solution CPDA-1, which is suitable for collecting the whole blood and the clinical transfusion of blood or separation of blood components.

Package of the product is a high temperature resistant composite membrane packing bag.

[Intended use]:

The Intended use of empty bags: used to collect whole blood or transport and store the effective component when centrifuge and can be used as medicine bag.

The Intended use of single, double blood bags: used to collect, store and transfuse whole blood.

The Intended use of triple, quadruple blood bags: used to separate the effective component of blood.

[Sterilization method]: High temperature steam

[Method of use]:

Ø Selection of puncture site for blood collection.

Ø Tie the tourniquet and disinfect the puncture site.

Ø Close the stop clamp of blood bag blood, rotate and open the protective cap of blood collection needle (pay attention to not touch the needle when opening). After the disinfectant is dried, venipuncture is carried out at the puncture site, and the blood collection needle is fixed.

Ø Put the blood bag on the swing scale.

Ø When using the blood bag with safety sampling device, the break-away cannula connected with the sampling device is opened to make the blood flow into the sampling bag of the sampling device. After the sampling, the stop clamp on the sampling device is closed.

Ø Open the stop clamp on the blood bag, and make the blood flow into the blood bag.

Ø When the blood collection volume reaches the requirement, loosen the tourniquet, close the tourniquet clip on the blood bag tubing, take out the blood collection needle and handle the puncture site according to the requirement.

Ø If using the blood bag without safety device, the used venipuncture needle can be inserted into the vacuum blood collection tube to collect blood samples.

Ø When the blood bag with needle protection device is used, the needle can be completely covered by the needle protection cap along the direction of the catheter after the blood collection, and the catheter can be fixed at the end of the needle protection device.

Ø Heat sealing and separate the catheter of blood collection needle and dispose of the used blood collection needle according to the prescribed requirements.

Ø when using the blood bag with a sampling device, heat sealing and separate the sampling device after the end of blood collection, and the blood collection tube can be collected from the sampling device according to the requirements.

Ø Store the blood bags at the prescribed temperature.

Ø Separation, transfer and storage of blood components are performed as required.


Ø The products use must conform to the requirements of blood stations operating norms and relevant laws and regulations related, is limited to the training of blood stations personnel.

Ø Single use, destroyed after use.

Ø Forbid to use, if the accessories fall off, displace or defect, the anticoagulant solution is turbid or there is foreign body in it.

Ø Forbid to use, if the product is broken, polluted or has solution leakage.

Ø When the bags are in frozen condition, Vibration should be avoided to prevent bags or tube fracture, before use, the liquid inner bag should be melt into a liquid state.

Ø Do not use unless the anticoagulant is clear.

Ø Cross match before transfusion.

Ø Mix blood thoroughly immediately before use.

Ø Do not add medication to this blood.

Ø Transfusion set must have a filter.


Ø This product is valid for two years. The bags must be used to collect the blood in 35 days before the expiration of blood bags.

Ø When breaking the break cannula, should break the stopper to make it into dissociative condition to make ensure the blood flow smoothly.

Ø The condition of store whole blood will be 2°C - 6°C with 35 days.

Ø The products are PVC soft plastic container. No ventilation is required during transfusion.

This product is made of PVC material containing phthalate and the product contains DEHP, and children are prohibited from using it.

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