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Introduction of Digital Thermometer Series

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Digital Thermometer Series is one of the types of Clinical Thermometer. It is also called a digital thermometer because it can accurately determine the measured temperature and display it digitally. Let's take a look at the Digital Thermometer Series.

Here is the content list:

  • How to use Digital Thermometer Series?

  • Precautions for using the digital thermometer

  • How to buy Digital Thermometer Series

How to use Digital Thermometer Series?

1, Before using the Digital Thermometer Series, disinfect the head of the thermometer with alcohol. Press the switch and the buzzer will beep immediately for about 2 seconds.

2, After the display shows the last side of the temperature, well lasted about 2 seconds. After that, the display "℃" symbol flashes, indicating that the Digital Thermometer Series is in the standby state.

3, Use the Digital Thermometer Series to take your body temperature. The temperature value presented when taking body temperature gradually rises, while the "℃" symbol keeps flashing.

4, When the temperature rises less than 0,1℃ in 16 seconds, the "℃" symbol stops flashing and the thermometer beeps for about 5 seconds, then the thermometer is finished measuring and the presented temperature value can be read.

5, Digital Thermometer Series has an automatic shutdown function, which will automatically shut down within 10 minutes after the measurement is finished. However, to extend the battery life, it is recommended that the user press the power button to turn off the power after the measurement is completed.

Precautions for using the digital thermometer

1, Do not roll or bend the Digital Thermometer Series.

2, The Digital Thermometer Series should be disinfected with medical alcohol or disposable plastic film cover, not at high temperatures.

3, Do not expose the Digital Thermometer Series to chemical solvents or diluents.

4, Do not let direct sunlight hit the thermometer.

5, Do not disassemble the Digital Thermometer Series except to replace the batteries.

6, If the Digital Thermometer Series beeps when the switch is pressed and the display shows "188.8", it is normal, otherwise, it is abnormal.

7, After each use, wipe the Digital Thermometer Series clean and put it into the transparent case before using it again.

8, Keep away from the magnetic field and strong electric environment.

How to buy Digital Thermometer Series

1, Appearance check.

Digital Thermometer Series is generally small and beautiful, with a clean surface and no blemishes. 

2, Power on the check.

Put the switch button in the through position, check whether the display mark and the instruction manual are consistent, disconnect the power supply again, and observe whether the same display has the correct mark, if the power on and off test several times, the correct mark display are the same, and the display of the axillary temperature is the same, that the Digital Thermometer Series repeatability is good. If the display is abnormal (the temperature difference is too large), it means that the digital thermometer's battery power is exhausted, or there is a bad contact somewhere.

3, Accuracy check.

Press the switch knob, "188.8" mark appears on the LCD. Put the thermometer under the tongue for 1 minute, when the "C" mark stops flashing and beeping, the reading displayed is the body temperature, which is the oral body temperature. Repeat several times, the oral temperature should be the same, if not, the table repeatability is not good, can not be used, and do not need to do accuracy checks, if the oral temperature is the same, then you can take the axillary temperature when the "C" mark to stop flashing and beeping tone, the displayed reading is the axillary temperature. Similarly, several times, the axillary temperature value is the same. Generally, the oral temperature is about 1 degree higher than the axillary temperature. If the oral temperature of the test is too high or too low than the axillary temperature, the accuracy of the digital thermometer can be considered unsatisfactory.

4, If the Digital Thermometer Series is placed under the tongue for 1 minute, and the "C" mark continues to flash, the thermometer should be disconnected from the power supply for 5 minutes and then powered on again to measure again. In general, the display will not flash again after the temperature is removed from the mouth. If still blinking intermittently, the table is set to have problems, and can not be selected.

5, Is not a formal manufacturer, of standard Class II medical devices, there is no after-sales service, there is no phone address, and so on the packaging information, you can also check the official website of the relevant companies.

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