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Introduction of Endotracheal tube

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Introduction of Endotracheal tube

Endotracheal tubes are made of non-toxic PVC and are mainly used in hospitals and clinics. Endotracheal tubes are a method of artificially delivering food ingredients into the gastrointestinal tract. It is suitable for patients who cannot swallow and those who cannot eat by mouth for a short period. A Disposable Medical Catheter is a long, thin medical tube that goes from the nose through the esophagus and into the stomach. During nasogastric feeding, food components are injected into the tube through a special infusion device. Food goes directly into the stomach or duodenum. The mouth and esophagus are not required to ensure the patient's basic nutritional needs. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the Endotracheal tube.

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  • The operation process of the Endotracheal tube mainly includes the following points.

  • What are the benefits of an Endotracheal tube?

The operation process of the Endotracheal tube mainly includes the following points.

First, the importance and necessity of implanting an Endotracheal tube should be fully informed to patients, and after gaining the trust and understanding of patients, the smooth operation of the Endotracheal tube will be facilitated. Second, let the patient relax, turn the head to one side, apply the paraffin oil evenly to the tip of the Endotracheal tube, and insert it slowly along the patient's nostril. Third, the patient will have uncomfortable symptoms at the beginning and ask the patient to relax and take a deep breath. When the Endotracheal tube reaches the epiglottis, let the patient do a swallowing action, or give the patient a small amount of warm water to help the Endotracheal tube enter the esophagus smoothly. Fourth, once a Disposable Medical Catheter enters the esophagus, the entry speed can be adjusted appropriately, requiring the patient not to stop swallowing. After the Endotracheal tube scale reaches 60-65cm, stop the operation and fix the Endotracheal tube to prevent them from falling off.

What are the benefits of an Endotracheal tube?

The endotracheal tube can ensure ventilation, facilitate sputum suction, ensure that patients inhale high concentrations of oxygen, provide a route of administration, can accurately control tidal volume, and ensure that gastric contents, blood, and oral mucus will not be accidentally inhaled into the lungs. Compared with a tracheostomy, there are wounds, bleeding, pneumothorax, easy-to-cause breathing difficulties, etc., Disposable Medical Catheter is simple, easy, and convenient. The endotracheal tube keeps the airway open and facilitates the removal of tracheobronchial secretions.

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