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Introduction of Endotracheal tube

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Introduction of Endotracheal tube

1. Product Description

An endotracheal tube is a medical device used to establish and maintain an airway in patients who are unable to breathe on their own or require mechanical ventilation. This flexible tube is inserted through the mouth or nose, down the throat, and into the trachea to deliver oxygen and/or anesthesia to the lungs.

2.1 Intended Use

The single use endotracheal tube(referred to as "  endotracheal tube"), mainly for patients require long term or repeated anesthesia, artificial ventilation and assisted breathing. The product is made of PVC material, which is more excellent in resistance of flexural than standard endotracheal tube in the clinical application. It is more soft in contact with the patients’ mucosal, which can be effective in reducing damage and suffering caused to patients in multiple intubation. It can be used for seven days under normal care, the use method is the same with standard endotracheal tube. Due to the wall of  endotracheal tube  is embedded stainless steel spring, the flexural and flat deflated ability has been greatly improved, thereby eliminating the risk of suffocation due to the tube kinking and keep the airway unobstructed and earn more time for first aid.

3. Instruction for use

3.1 Scope of application

The endotracheal tube is mainly used for clinical insertion into the trachea through the oral or nasal cavity, establishing a breathing passage.

3.2 the use method

3.2.1 According to the clinical need, choose the appropriate model specifications of endotracheal tube.

3.2.2Peek off the individual packaging, take out the product.

3.2.3Before intubation, check the endotracheal tube if its air injection system is smooth and intact.

3.2.4Place the endotracheal tube in the patient’s respiratory tract.

3.2.5 Connecting breathing circuit , regulating the oxygen volume and fixing the endotracheal tube with the holder after test ventilation.

3.2.6When use the product should use dental pad as the same time.

3.3cautions, warnings and instructions

3.3.1 This product is disposable products, prohibit re-use and use the expired products, read the instructions carefully before use;

3.3.2 This product is only for operational use by nursing staff;

3.3.3 The product contains DEHP. Pregnant, children cautiously use.

3.3.4 The product is sterilized by ETO, prohibited to use if packaging is damaged;

3.3.5 After use, the product and packaging should be disposed according to hospital or environmental requirements;

3.3.6 When proceed suction from the endotracheal tube, choose a right size of suction catheter, the outer diameter of suction catheter is based on 1/2 of the inner diameter of endotracheal tube.

3.3.7 When the suction from the endotracheal tube, it should be moved and turn the suction tube for not suction a position for a long period of time.

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