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Introduction of Sterile Syringes

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Introduction of Sterile Syringes


Sterile Syringes for single use has a long history of production and use at home, it is used in clinic more than ever before because of its convenience, safety and reliability. It has two kinds of type, e.g. head-centered and head-leaned according to the position of prick head, and it has three pieces (coat, plunger ,barrel ,needle and rubber stopper) according to its structure. All parts adopt the qualified medical material. The product is sterile, nonpoisonous, non-active, but also it has the character of convenience and sharpness in needle point etc after sterilizing by EO. It has good transparence and high engine temperature, good endurance to heat.


Single syringe is used for hypodermic, intramuscular and intravenous injection and infusion with medicine liquid.


a) The product can be used only once, should be used immediately after opening the package and destroyed after wards;

b) Strictly prohibit using it if the package is broken and the jacket is fallen;

c) Don’t use it if the needlepoint is bent and even or other abnormities;

d) The product must be sterilized by EO, Every test item must meet with standard before using them.

e) The period of validity is 5 years from the date of manufacture, must use it during the validity period;

f) Store in a place it avoids high temperature, high humidity, and does not have corroding gases, should have good dryness and ventilation.

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