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The Introduction to self-adhesive bandage

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The Introduction to self-adhesive bandage

The main component of the self-adhesive bandage is cotton or Non-woven, used for surgical injuries, sprains, post-surgical bandaging, fixation, and other roles. A self-adhesive bandage, if used correctly, can not only help the wound heal but also avoid infection or other injuries to the wound.

Here is the content:

l Scope of application

l Precautions

Scope of application

The self-adhesive bandage is used to fix and maintain the position of the disposable surgical dressing. Sports injuries - prevention of accidental sprains, dislocations, and subluxations. Treatment of muscle strains. Protection of friction areas. Phlebology - prevention and treatment of primary varicose veins, phlebitis, venous ulcers, and acute or subacute inflammation of subcutaneous tissues. Reduces and stabilizes edema, and lymphedema caused by venous disease. Prevention of thromboembolism and thrombophlebitis. Compression disposable surgical dressing after stripping or sclerotherapy. Care - fixation of dressings.


Do not place the bandage in direct contact with the damaged skin. When fixing the disposable surgical dressing, it is recommended to sterilize the bandage. When securing the bandage, the surface folds of the bandage must always be visible to ensure safe application. When the bandage is too tight, reduce the bandage tension. When used for phenological conditions, the bandage must be wrapped from the toe to the leg before getting up and removed before bedtime. When used for a long time or repeatedly, the elasticity of the bandage may be weakened if something with a greasy texture is used under the bandage.

1, When doing each operation, it is necessary to confirm whether the site environment is safe and do personal protection. Only when the site environment is safe can the rescue be carried out.

2、Disposable surgical dressing action should be "light, fast, accurate and firm, first cover and then wrap, not cover not wrap".

"Light": dressing action should be light, do not collide with the wound, so as not to increase the pain and bleeding of the injured patient.

"Fast": find the wound quickly, dressing action should be fast, so as not to cause further infection of the wound and patient pain;

"accurate": the dressing site should be accurate, tight, and aligned with the wound cut should not be missed.

"firm": the bandage should be firm, loose, and appropriate, so as not to impede blood flow and compression of nerves.

3, The bandage also cannot be too loose, or it will not be fixed gauze. If you are inexperienced, after tying the bandage, see if the distal end of the body has become cold and whether there is swelling or other conditions.

4、When tying the knot, do not be above the wound or behind the body.

5、In case there is no self-adhesive bandage but must be bandaged, use a towel, handkerchief, bed sheet (torn into narrow strips), long nylon stockings, etc. instead of a bandage.

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