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Medical Vehicle Type Gynaeclolgy Electrical Suction Apparatus Unit (MT05001041)

  • Suction Unit

  • CE, ISO13485

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  • All The People

  • With LCD Display

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CE/ISO Approved Medical Vehicle Type Gynaeclolgy Electrical Suction Apparatus Unit(MT05001041)

Electrical suction units are new style mobile suction devices for medical use designed for operations of gynaecology in hospitals.It is fit for induced abortion for women in early preganacy,and you can be widely used in suctioning of fetal head for women in child delivery as well as remains after child delivery and other secretions,pus and blood in surgical operations.The machine adopts oil-free lubricating vacuum pump,avoiding the pollution of oil mist.The pump requires no daily maintenace and servicing.The overflow protection device in the machine prevents liquid from flowing into the pump. Being of one-way mode,the pump does not produce positive pressure,ensuring safety in use nd convenient operation.Hand-operated switch and footstep-operated switch are connected in parallel for option.The complete machine works stably and produces low level of noise.It is long in service life and safe and reliable in use.

1.The device is equipped with a imported membrane pump available with long service life.
2.This device has low noise and is maintenace-free.
3.This device is equipped with an overflow protection unit to prevent liquid from getting into pump body.
4.It's equipped with the hand-operated switch and foot-step-operated switch.

Technical Specifications:

Power voltage:          AC220V±10% 50Hz
Negative pressure:     ≥0.09MPa(680mmHg)
Suction rate:            ≥25L/min
Range of negative pressure:  0.013MPa~0.09Mpa (680mmHg)
Suction bottle:          2500ml x 2
Noise:              ≤55dB
Input power:    400VA
Pump structure: Oil-free self-lubricating pump
Working type:    intermittent loading,continuous operation

Product Advantage:

vehicle frame design,easy movement
imported diaphragm pump
all ABS plastic shell
long service life time
plastic bottle for cleaning & disinfection
oil-free pump is maintenance-free
low noise
with an overflow protection



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