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CE/ISO Approved High Quality 100mA Medical X-ray Machine (MT01001E02)

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CE/ISO Approved High Quality 100mA Medical X-Ray Machine (MT01001E02)

1.Single bed and single bulb.
2.The high-tension system is of march-past structure. Equipped with a full wave rectification high-voltage generator and independent X-ray tube unit, with large output power and reliable and stable operation.
3.Supply voltage V, roentgenoscopy, photography KV and stepless adjustable.
4.Equipped with the manostat for filament of X-ray tube and the space charge compensator as to ensure the stable and accurate output.
5.Equipped with the capacity limitation and protection circuit and KvmA sinter lock limitation and protection.
6.Adopt the digital circuit timer, grade according to R10 priority coefficient and can control time exactly
7.Examining bed is of electric back rotation and is equipped with vibrating filter-ray device.
8.The spot film device of luminescent screen can hold the film jacket of various sizes and can make the photography of full-film and two sectional films separately
9.The upright post has the bottom track only, which is easy while installation

Power supply: Adjustable range With two phase power supply 380V 340V~420V
With power supply 220V 195V~250V
Fluoroscopy: Adjustable range of tube range 50~90kV (adjustment continuously)Adjustable range of tube current The upper limit value is not more than 5mA,
The lower limit value is less than 1/10 of the upper one(adjustment continuously)Radiography: Adjustable range of tube range 50~90kV (adjustment continuously)Adjustable range of tube current
Small focus: 15mA
Big focus: 30mA, 60mA and 100mA
Tube current of spot film: 100mA
Adjustable range of time: 0.04~6.3s 23 grades together
High-voltage Generator unit
Capacity: 9kVA instant / 0.9kVA continuous
Max DC output voltage: 90kV
Max DC output current: 100mA instant / 5mA
continuousX-ray tube Unit Model: XD4-2.9/100
Focus: 1.8mm×1.8mm 4.3mm ×4.3mm
Diagnostic bed Rotary angle: +90°~0°~-5Movable range of spot Film device Focus---fluorescent screen 730mm (fixed)
Horizontal move left (right) ≥±80mm
Longitudinal direction: ≥500mm
Collimate for fluoroscopy: Manual single blade
Distance between focus and bed surface:At fluoroscopy and radiography of Gastrointestinal : >300mm
Ray-filter device: Grid density---N28,
Converging distance---f0 80 cm,
Grid ratio---r8
Distance between bed face and film: ≤80mm
Move vertically along ground track: 1500mm
Move horizontal motion of X-ray tube horizontal arm: 360mm
Distance of move up and down: 720~1720mm (from tube focus to ground)



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