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CE/ISO Approved Medical Advanced 8mA Dental X Ray Unit (MT01001B03)

  • Dental X-ray Unit

  • X Ray Equipment

  • CE, ISO13485

  • Dental X Ray Unit

  • Medtrue

  • Mt01001b03

CE/ISO Approved Medical Advanced 8mA Dental X Ray Unit (MT01001B03)

1.use the intemational advances technoiogy, high-eficency, clear imaging loe leak radial, is only 1%of national standard
2.light touched bution, contrcled with microcomputer, only press one button to select the exposue, fast and accurately Developing in light room, image in one minute, the doctor can diagonse convenentiy fox maxmum
3.the hanger body with 2m can save space and shoot conveniently in all direction
4.it is for the use of the digital imaging systom of mouth

Power supply: AC220V± 10%, 50Hz, 1kVA
Tube voltage: 60kvp
Tube current: 8mA
Focus size: 1.5mm
Total filtration: 2.5mmAl
Exposure time: 0.2-4sec
Leak radiation: Outside one meter≤ 0.002gy/h
(national standand: 0.25mgy/h)
Optional: Tube current: 0.5mA focus size: 0.8mm


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