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Electric Durable Operating Table for Surgery


Electric Operating tables are suitable for various operations conduted by medical unit.

1.The super low level design can enable doctor to conduct operation sitting by operating Operating Bed.
2.The base adopts high quality 304 stainless steel which can be easily cleaned and sterilized.
3.The bed surface adopts imported carbon plastic plate, which can fulfill the needs of X-ray examination, photography.
4.The mattress is once foam molded by polyurethane with homogeneous force.
5.Various actions are controlled according to electric hydraulic working principle and by remote controller.
6.Import motor and solenoid valve.
7.Imported sealing ring and is durable.
8.Electric brake control which is easily for moving Operating Bed.

Technical Specifications:

length: 2000± 50mm

width: 480 ± 20mm

min-max height: (550-850)± 50mm

forward: ≥ 25° backward: ≥ 15°

leftward: ≥ 15° rightward: ≥ 15°

leg board fold downward: ≥ 90° fold outward: ≥ 90°

back board fold upward: ≥ 75° fold downward: ≥ 20°

head board fold upward: ≥ 30° fold downward: ≥ 90°

waist board lifting: 120mm

mains voltage: AC 220V± 10% 50Hz

input power: 500VA

Product Advantage:

1. Imported Japan hydraulic engine

2. Impoted electromagnetic valve

3. Impoted sealing ring

4. Ultra-low position for long time operation

5. Do X-ray

6. leg board are separated & dischargeable

7. waist can be lifted


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